Code Brown

First, let me show you the blanket I have worked on for years. It didn’t take me years to do it. It took me years to be happy with it. I have made it and unmade it a couple times. Two years ago, I finally took it to the quilter’s. I was done playing with it. It either worked the way it was or it didn’t.

I got it back and it has sat without sides for 2 years – waiting for me to get the bravery to finally finish it and call it good.

Why was it so hard? Because I wanted it to be perfect. I’ve since learned that I’ll never be perfect, so why stress so much? Do the best I can on the quilts I make and that’s that. So, without further adieu – here’s my pride and joy:

Thirteen stripes in the middle of the blanket. All four corners have blue with stars.

Those are not all individual pieces; although, I did “quilt” around each one by myself before it went to the quilter’s.

The Pledge of Allegiance on the bottom.

So, we left to go camping on Monday. This was a day later than we were supposed to leave – I was having too much fun sewing. Then, we had a fiasco on Monday night to go camping. Late Monday night and early Tuesday was great; no serious malfunctions and things were looking good.

We decided to try and hit the last piece of Yellowstone that we hadn’t been through, as yet: The Northeast Entrance.

We got a little ways up the hill and Rendy started throwing fits. I pushed it a little further and the temperature gauge kept climbing. Rather than crest the hill and cruise down the other side – thereby cooling off the engine – I decided to call it a halt and move back down the hill. My theory was simple: It would be a breeze to cool off the engine sliding down the hill to the Northeast Entrance and cool off the engine. However, what happens when we have to return? What we would have to climb would be that much worse.

So, return we did. We went all the way back to the campsite. Alas, 2 nights of literally no sleep while I’d been sewing took their toll and Jen had to drive the last 30 minutes. I passed out in the back of Rendy.

Now, we could have gotten the Toyota and gone over the hill with no problems. We could have finished our trek of Yellowstone. One problem: I was beat. Tired. Couldn’t do any more. The boys hadn’t had a nap and were quickly becoming hellions. I decided to pack us up and head home. Yes, I know.  A wasted trip.

Well, we did see daddy off to work. The boys waved bye and everything. We just didn’t stay as long as we’d intended.

When we got home, we got naps and all cleaned up. Tuesday night, not a lot went on.

Last night, Wednesday, I let the boys stay up and watch movies with me while I sewed. I worked on a beautiful blanket that only has 2 or 3 errors.

The boys were up until 1 a.m. I let them watch the first Narnia movie. It was awesome to see Caiden (soon to be 6) really paying attention to the movie itself and not just waiting for the cartoon parts. He got really sad when Aslan died, though.

And then, much to his surprise and happiness – Aslan wasn’t dead!

Watching this movie with them, I was a little worried about what they might learn. Then, I remembered – they don’t watch a lot of movies or television. Why not give them something of a classic when they do get to watch it? Especially when you watch Caiden’s face during this movie!

We were going to watch number 2 of Narnia tonight. However, they were so tired! They were up late last night, got no nap today. They needed sleep. And, asleep they are – and it’s barely 830!

Besides, I’m in a slump on where to go from here with this blanket I devised today…

It took me 8 hours. This isn’t the final picture. I didn’t get a picture of the final setup before coming upstairs tonight. Wait until it’s done! If I can figure out how to “finish” it, that is. We’ll see…

I decided Jen needed a vacation, so I threw her out of the house on Wednesday until Monday. Of course, she didn’t actually leave until tonight … but the thought was there! Last night, she was watching me finish the pastel blanket. Tonight, it was the Celtic Knot blanket.

I did finally send her off, though. She’s gone, now. Until Monday. Except for one small problem…

Code Brown.

I opened the window in the front room to air out the house and kill the A/C and this was outside the window. I immediately sent her a text, “Home! NOW!!” and she came running. It was huge and she calls it a “Cat Face” spider. I don’t care what it’s called. I don’t like it. Get it off (or out of) my house!

She squished it and then started playing with it because it curled up into a little ball or rock shape.

She’s clearly deranged and needs a vacation. Playing with spiders!

I haven’t managed to fall asleep one night in a month without thinking of spiders when I close my eyes. My room had a serious problem with them at one time and it was a harrowing experience a time or two. Like, chillin in the bath tub and having one run along the ledge next to you. Or, sitting on the floor, looking at something with the Nanny and it runs along the baseboard next to you. I mean, seriously! My bedroom should be my sanctuary – not a playground for Hobo spiders!

Jen’s mom came at a rush one night, when I was completely freaking out. She sprayed some gunk around my baseboards and I haven’t seen one in my room since – but I still think about them as I am falling asleep. I’m surprised I can fall asleep, most nights.

So, the Nanny came home from her vacation, killed the mean old spider and left again. She’s safely at her sister’s house and told me if there’s any more spiders, just text her, “Code Brown,” and she’ll come home. Otherwise, it’s adios until Monday, Nanny!

Thank you for listening,


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