Worst Camping Trip… Ever!

Remember when I said that they rented me a trailer to go camping this time? Everyone thought I deserved it after tenting it all summer, cooking over a campfire and feeding good food to family. So, $250 was shelled out and we got a pop-up trailer for 5 nights, 4 days. It promised to be a great trip!

We put off our trip for two days because I was having too much fun sewing and yesterday, we packed up and set out. We were giddy with excitement and ready to have fun in Yellowstone.

We got as far as Rigby, roughly 30 miles from home. Rendy overheated and we pulled over. We unhooked the trailer from Rendy and dumped everything out of it. Daddy hooked up the trailer to his truck and he and I drove back to return the trailer while the Nanny took the boys north to find a tent spot.

We returned the trailer – but forgot the hitch. We went to the house to get the tents we needed but didn’t have a key to the front door. We had to wait until a friend of mine brought the spare key from his house and opened the door.

I got the tents and sleeping bags and followed daddy to the campsite only to realize later that we had nothing to cook on, no bread and the hamburgers I bought to cook were a brown mess. They were frozen and pink.

Then, of course, we realize, we have no coffee pot to cook water, in addition to no pans to cook on. We went to town and we ended up spending $45 on a piza dinner. Oh, and we did heat water in a soup pan we had, I got coffee, and it was promptly spilled by a child.

It quickly promised to be the worst camping trip ever!

Except for one thing.


Remember my post about mother’s sayings? Well, there’s another thing I inherited from my mother – the ability to press on, despite circumstances.

We used our last colorful fire packet and kicked back to enjoy the evening under the stars until bed. Everyone was smiling and giggling until sleepy time.

I took $20 and went to town. I bought a cast iron pan (Made in China – UGH!) And this morning started the process of seasoning it while cooking eggs and pancakes.

The soup pan served well for heating water to make hot chocolate and coffee, this morning. It also gave us hot water to wash our dishes.

We wake refreshed and ready for our last trip into Yellowstone: the Northeast Entrance. Daddy (ex #1) leaves from here to return to work for a month and we are more than ready for another day or two of camping *our* way.

I smile as we clean up and get ready to head out. Thank You, God, for giving me my mother’s ability to “make do.”

Thank you for listening,


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