What am I doing?

I’ve been quiet a few days. I’ve been busy. No, that’s not the reason for my silence. The reason is, I’ve been working on quilts! Ex #1 gave me two nights without my boys and I tackled the stuff I have downstairs. I finished a quilt or two that has been sitting aside for months; I created a few new ones. Near all of it is ready to go to the quilter’s!

However, before we get to that, this is what we’ve been up to:

It was a hot day, so, on Thursday, we took the boys to “Twin Bridges.” It’s not a town; rather, it’s a bridge and you can play in the water below it. They’ve got quite a bit blocked off, right now. Usually, you can drive right down to the water itself.

Caiden is “watering the plants” around the river. Both of the boys thought it was a lot of fun to water the plants. They did that nearly the entire time we were there. However, we also built “rivers” and I taught them about erosion.

On Thursday evening, I made Madeline’s again. However, I didn’t make them normal. I put a drop of batter in the bottom of the small muffin pan, dropped a dab of jam on top and covered it with another bit of batter on the top. I baked it for the normal time and this is what I got (supposedly, everyone loves them):

I think they tasted rather good, myself! Because I thought they were rather good, I thought I would try something else. Scones! I found a canister of “scone mix” at the long-term storage food store and brought it home. Here are the results:

They tasted divine; however, I handled the dough a little bit too much. I could tell by the taste. Next time, less playing, more cooking!

That night, we ate outside. The boys had a great time eating on the little deck daddy built. It was hot but nice!

My boys are so cute!

Later on Thursday night, we packed up the children and took them to the hills. We had a beautiful campfire, some smores and a fire stick that made the fire change colors. The pictures of the fire didn’t show the colors very well; they were much prettier in person! Here ya go!

This picture actually looked like a rose in the middle.

Potty break! Daddy is teaching them how to “do their business” away from the campfire. I see a cute butt!

The green dropping away and into the night in this picture is simply stunning. Obviously, in person, it was much better.


And then, they got tired…

Yes. We drove them home sleeping in the back. Back roads all the way and nary a car in sight when heading home at midnight or thereabouts. On the way home, ex #1 saw a raccoon in the middle of the road. He stopped, I wanted to jump out and take pictures, but he wigged out and sped on. I guess he’s scared of raccoons…

More to come as I catch up for the past few days…

Thank you for listening,


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