What am I doing? (part 2)

To continue on why I’ve been silent the last few days, I write post number 2. The first one, seen here, talks about last Thursday (Aug 9th). This post starts with Friday, August 10th.

On Friday morning, the boys had a lemonade stand. It was mom’s idea, but the goal was to get their own money for Farmer’s Market on Saturday. They did pretty good, only getting bored a time or three. Most of the time, they were yelling at the cars to stop and buy lemonade. It was beyond precious; however, I did remind them to be polite or cars wouldn’t stop!

They were so cute. I’d like to do it again for them, but probably not this summer. At 50c per cup of lemonade, they made $15.50. That was $7.75 a piece and mommy pitched in to cover the rest of the $10 they wanted to spend on Saturday. They have had their eye on these really cool handmade dragons all summer; however, at $10 a piece, mom couldn’t spend the money. This time, they both came home with dragons. I didn’t get a picture, but daddy did. When I get it, I’ll post it.

This is a mess while I was making chili. I went to brush all of the onion and garlic wrappings into the trash and the lid closed on me mid-sweep. That’s not the funny part, so stop laughing, Jen. The funniest part is her coming outside later to gripe about accidentally knocking down the trash can…

That is the definition of hilarious, in my opinion. Obviously the onion/garlic wrappings really wanted to be on the floor.

While I was making crepes on Saturday morning, I had an ingenious idea. We buy eggs in bulk, now and we end up with these … egg holders left over. I haven’t figured out what to do with them, as yet; however, I had a great idea!

A game!

They each have four marbles. There’s one die. Now, they have to get all 4 marbles from one side to the other before their brother does. You roll the die and you move that many spaces; except, you can’t roll a 6. It doesn’t work. From one hole to the hole on the opposite side is 5 moves. And, when you get down to one space away, you can only go in the last hole by rolling a one. Similar to Backgammon. They had a great time for about 3 games. I thought it rather fun, myself.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Why, after Saturday morning, was there nothing from Naia? No cooking, no cleaning, no trips, nothing?

Here’s Jen, working on tying a blanket for a niece or nephew. I’m not telling you which! It’s a secret!

My sewing space.

What shall I do with all these blacks, yellows and grays? I know!

It’s ready for the quilter’s. It’s going to have a black background and a black binding.

And then, I had all these colors laying around. I knew I wanted to do something “Amish,” I just couldn’t figure out what. I came up with this. I understand it’s not the “typical” Amish colors; however, I think of the Amish when I see this. It’s going to have a black background, as well. It’s large enough for a twin bed.

What should I do with this? I love the print on the background and the words (obviously) are amazing. Well, I came up with this:

There’s a plain white border, now. I just didn’t get a picture. Next is a red and white star border. At that point, I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I’d love to make it longer (It’s plenty wide enough) and put it on a twin bed or as a larger throw. I only had so many blocks, so I was stuck with what I had. Of course, I’ll make it work. I always do, right?

And then, there’s this. It was a $150 pattern/fabric match up in a bag. I decided I didn’t want to do the pattern they gave me. I came up with this:

I sewed two together, cut them in half and ironed them. I put two sets together (of the first half-triangles) and sewed it again. Came up with this. And then, for the layout. Here’s my plan:

It is on the floor, ready to be pieced together. If you look, there is a patter to the mess. I like it and am hopeful not to screw it up as I sew. I always make mistakes (some big, some small). Others say it adds to the charm of things I create. I love coming up with beautiful ideas and hate when I make mistakes.

I finished another blanket I’d had for ancient years. I worked on it for 2 years before being happy enough to go to the quilter’s. On Saturday night, I finally finished it (the sides/binding). I slept under it last night and Saturday night. I just forgot to take a picture. I’ll post it later!

That’s what I’ve been doing. Daddy (ex #1) has had the boys two nights in a row and I’ve been up to the wee hours of the morning, watching Steve Wilkos with Jen and having her help with everything) and making stuff. I’m full of ideas and want to get back to it – after barely 6 hours of sleep. One problem, everyone is expecting to leave to go camping today

We were supposed to leave yesterday but I stayed home to sew.

They really want to go.

Rented a pop-up camper and everything so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the hard ground with my bad back.

I should give up the sewing a few days and scram.

And leave the sewing machine home.

Thank you for listening,


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