Where am I?

It’s time for a review. Where am I and how far have I gotten in my goals? The last review was in this post: Time for a Review on July 8th. In it, I discussed how far I have gotten and where I am headed from there. Some of the things I wanted to work on include:

  • Learning to set a schedule
  • Setting up a shopping list

I’ve failed on both. Yes, I said failed. I have not set up a schedule for my home. I’ve done what needs doing every day (with the Nanny’s help) but I’ve not set it down in stone. I have made shopping lists; however, I haven’t planned my meals. The last few weeks, I’ve actually set about eating everything in my home, not shopping for more than the basics. Eggs, Milk, bread and the like. I’ve thrown in things like Lemon Zest when I found a recipe that calls for it, but I have not purchased the “big” items like meat. We were using up everything in my home before doing a massive grocery shopping.

Today, we’re down to the bare bones. I’ve pulled out my spaghetti sauce from the freezer and thawed it, tossed in a few fresh ingredients (from my cupboards) and that’s that. We’ll have spaghetti, tonight. I thaw my left over spaghetti sauce. Since it’s typically pretty thick, it freezes and reheats very well and is quite tasty. Yes, I know, I promised to write up the recipe. When I make it fresh again, I’ll try to get it written down. It really is that good – and that’s not just me being pompous. I’ve worked hard at making my spaghetti sauce like nothing ever tasted.

My can opener keeps breaking – no matter which one I pick to purchase. So, I use my Cutco knife to open my cans. It only gets risky when doing the small cans like tuna fish. However, in the near 13 years I’ve had that little knife and opened cans with it, it’s still as sharp as ever.

I was once a sales rep for Cutco. It lasted all of a few weeks but I ended up with my own set at the end of that fiasco. I had a serious problem with selling the knives, even though I love them to death and have had mine since 1999. Every time I tried to show someone how they worked, I’d slice a finger open. No one wanted a knife that cut the representative!

So, since we’re down to the bare bones, it’s time to get a shopping list together and find out what my family needs and what I wish to feed them. Instead of “winging it” based on what money I have to purchase what.

I give myself until this coming Friday, August 10th, to finish cleaning out my cupboards (my freezer is already at on its last offerings) and get a proper shopping list and plan of attack for meals together.

As for a plan for cleaning the home? Same deadline. This time, I hope no one lets me forget and let it slide. A plan is best because it allows for everything to get done and nothing forgotten until the “critical” time of getting it done.

We started doing a nightly routine awhile back: taking a walk with the boys. We take our little RC cars and walk at a brisk pace for a bit. Then, the boys get “free play” with their cars or mine. Except, things got harried when I was an idiot and tore up the muscles in my knee. Last night, we finally took a walk again. The boys had a great time and daddy got to see what it is we do when he isn’t home (and where some of our money goes!)

And no, that’s not all of them. We have, perhaps, four more that are in various stages of disrepair from overuse. Two of them fell in the “drink” and I think one got too old – it just up and quit one night. We have another one that has a broken wheel and takes money to repair it. We are building quite a collection and having a good time. I think it’s a nice thing to spend money on. My boys are getting exercise, having fun with mommy (and last night daddy) and getting out and about in the fresh air.

I got a rocking chair for about $25 at a yard sale this past weekend (I bought 2 things for $33, one was a $5 blanket – and she wanted $40 for the chair. So, I guess it was $28 for the rocking chair). I was so proud of my purchase! It is solid wood (and I do mean solid) and has a date stamp on the bottom that says, “Feb 6 1989.” You know the old stamps the librarians used to show you when the book you checked out was due back? That kind of stamp. I can’t get a good picture of it, so use your imagination. No other markings about who made it. I like to think that perhaps it is handmade.

I am a sucker for a rocking chair. The older and more “natural” the better. It’s been said (by family of old) that, “If not for a nurse in a rocking chair in a hospital, you would have died.” And, “That was the only time you showed the will to live.” I believe them, seeing as a rocking chair is so comforting to me. This one had two of the seat boards coming apart (glue wearing out with age?) and so I rigged it so I could still use it.

Maybe someday, someone will come along and fix it proper. For now, it makes it so my rocking chair can be used by me. Except, I keep finding the Nanny or one of my boys in my chair – instead of it being open for me to use. I guess I’m not the only sucker for the solid and comforting feeling of a wood rocking chair.

Thank you for listening,


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