A Last Ride

I’m not entire sure what I had in mind when I took these pictures. I didn’t go too close and I actually hid behind my Rendezvous when I took the pictures. Was feeling intrusive by taking the pictures. However, I couldn’t stop myself.

Am I morbid? No!

Am I trying to be rude and intrusive? No!

Am I curious? Yep!

We were heading home from Yellowstone and we passed this at a gas station just before heading out of town on Highway 20. I stopped (had 2 cars following me that had to lock up their brakes to pull over with me) and jumped out with my camera. The Nanny and ex #1 pulled into parking spots, looking at me like I’d lost my mind.

What I saw was this:

See the coffin? It was being hauled by a bike. It could have been a Harley. I’d wager a guess it was. And not just one Harley but perhaps 20. And 2 coffins, if I recall correctly. I think. I can’t swear to two of them and I didn’t get a picture of what I presume was the white coffin.

I have, perhaps, 10 pictures. I’ll leave it at this and call it good. Now, why did I take the pictures?

I’m curious. Is it a “Last Ride?” Is it respect to a fallen friend? I really wish I knew what brought this entire group together with a solid purpose and goal. Are they taking him/her/them through Yellowstone for a last ride?

I thought about it the entire drive home. What was the purpose? Why did they do this? I mean, quite honestly, it’s not common. It’s not something you see every day! What was it about this fallen friend that brought all these people together?

Recently, I clicked “Like” on a group on Facebook. I like reading their questions/answers; I adore some of their pictures. I scan through the events they post. However, I ride in, what they call, a “cage.” I’m not one of them. I am learning some of their culture, their ways, their mentality. Some of the posts were actually quite informative!

One of the pictures I’ve found on their Facebook Page.

The group? The Biker’s Code.

They discuss all parts of the “code” they live and ride by. They post it to share, they post it to talk about, they post it to inform others of who and what “Biker’s” really are. I’ve been enthralled with the group since I found it. I even posted a message at one point, talking about something I’ve seen with a “biker.” And it was on this same highway!

I reckon Highway 20 is a great place for a rider to stretch their legs (and their engines) and just enjoy the day. It’s mostly straight, a few hills and a pretty sweet ride; even if you’re me and ride in a car/truck.

So, was this a last ride? It makes me sad that someone has died; however, I was honored to see the procession that was pulled together for this gentleman/lady’s last ride.

In a world where hardly anyone pulls over for a funeral procession, it was an amazing sight, this morning. You remember the days, don’t you? When a funeral procession passes, everyone pulls over to the side of the road (no matter which direction you are going!) and waits until the last car has passed. And, we all know the ones in the funeral procession because their headlights are always on and their hazards are blinking.

How many times have I seen no one pull over to honor the procession? So, for me, this was an amazing sight, a wonderful statement to everyone who saw them and the load they were carrying.

I will always wonder what was going on; however, I am honored to have seen this and applaud those that were a part of this “Last Ride.”

Thank you for listening,


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6 thoughts on “A Last Ride

  1. Hermitish

    I have been apart of a fallen bothers “last ride”. I just hope that when it is my time to go that I will be honored in such a way. I don’t know if I would really call it a “last ride” cause they are always riding with us as our Angels There is a saying and it goes Never Ride Faster Then Your Angel Can Fly. So with that thank you for taking the time to stop and show a fellow rider your respect

  2. I.m a rider…..have been for the last 48 years …..and I’ve seen too many Bros and Sisters off on their last ride..and sad as it is .. to see a procession of hundreds of bikes/trikes/cars/ following the hearse showing their respect is a sight to behold ……in this modern time .. we see more and more ( for want of a better word ) elaborate funerals….we see bike /trike drawn hearses
    why not ?? its the way we lived…fast and furious ….many cultures have their “last ride” event … with bright colors and loud music ..I’ve seen a horse drawn white hearse and a band playing blues music , in London …and similar in New Orleans…….I’ve seen “Biker” funerals that would blow your mind ……but in the end it’s all about showing respect…….As for taking photographs…. I do it ….when ever I can ….., months after the event , it’s nice to sit with friends and remember the good times….photos help ….memories fade but photos dont….
    R.I.P….Lost Bros …G.B.N.F….

  3. I received this as a comment via Facebook and post it here with permission:

    “I just read your blog, “A Last Ride.” One week ago today, 23 motorcycles escorted the hearse carrying my brothers body from the church to where he was buried about 120 miles away. His closest friend and cousin rode Larry’s bike as the lead rider. Larry’s oldest grandson also rode on Larry’s bike. Larry’s three kids and spouses and several cousins were on bikes. My niece posted that morning that she was taking one last ride with her dad. As we were in the processional with cars pulling over to the side on the two lane country high way as they met us, I was reminded how nice that was. On the interstate the truckers created a lot of chatter about all of the Harley’s and “was that a hearse following them?”, “must have been a great man!”. And the lead rider replied back “yes… He was a great man”. He wasn’t the rebel, the Hells Angels variety you think of when you see bikers, but a man that loved his Lord, his family and his farm.”

    Thank you for the touching story, similar to what I believe I saw outside Yellowstone. My sympathies for the loss in your family.


  4. Lynda

    My brother Butch had is last ride. I was so impressed how all of the bikers were very kind and caring. So please people don’t judge a person because he or she rides a Harley. These are good people, who have a big heart. So if you have a friend who’s a Harley guy, be proud.and thankful. For now I know they are all brother’s. Just as we are all children of our Lord. Bless all of you.

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