Resting in His arms

I’ve been browsing, reading, studying the book of Matthew in the Bible. Not all of it. Just parts where Jesus is teaching and talking to everyone He comes across. I feel like I am starting to *know* Him. Not as I should. I know that. As I read, I also know that I am, most probably, a huge disappointment to Him.

One thing keeps banging around in my head as I read. I wish I could have lived in that time and actually “felt” His touch. A hug, perhaps. Arms wrapped around and sheltering me from the world.

One of my biggest problems in life is the desire to be held. I’m learning to do without – especially because of my last year’s stupidity. I have to learn that I won’t get it and move on. Quit trying and accept where I am at in life.
It has caused me no end of trouble, wanting and needing this so badly.

Maybe, if I had lived in His time, I would have felt His touch and not want any other. Maybe I wouldn’t have such a desire that causes so many problems.

I know some would say they can feel Him all the time. I’ve never, to my knowledge. I wonder what it would feel like.

Thank you for listening,


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