Pictures Catch Up pt 2

This is a continuation of Pictures Catch up. Please enjoy…

This first one is a recipe I found here. It looked divine, so I tried it myself. Here are the results, mind you, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as she said. I modified it to fit my needs. In doing so, I substituted the flour, baking powder and salt for just bread flour. I changed the sugar to Splenda brown sugar. I didn’t have orange or lemon zest, so I let the honey and vanilla do the flavoring.

The first time I tried them, I did not have a Madeline pan. I used a normal small muffin pan. The next day, I spent $20 on a Madeline pan…

I had the Nanny make them, following the recipe exactly as written. Her’s were fluffier than mine. Mine were like cake-cookies. Both sets of them were delicious and they are now a favorite snack with my boys. I can’t see the harm in letting them eat them when they wish. I just have to keep a steady supply around!

The pan you see above is one I picked up at Farmer’s Market on Saturday, the 21st. I have been picking up one piece of homemade crockery at a time from a guy who sells them at Farmer’s Market. This one is actually the size and shape of a pie pan and it is useable in the oven. I can’t wait to try a pie in it!

On the 21st, I also stopped by the Idaho Youth Ranch – another local thrift store. I found this delightful teapot and thought it would be perfect for when I am ready to try and host my own tea party. I paid $4 for it and brought it home – and then realized it had a huge piece re-glued. I put water in it and set it on my counter and waited overnight – nothing leaked. I’m assuming it will be perfect for my needs. I am still on the look out for a teapot, though, just in case.

We found a leak in our basement last week. We called the Nanny’s parents (mine are too far away) and they came to look at it on Saturday night. Her dad took a screwdriver and pushed it into the wall and pulled – an entire chunk of the wall fell off. It was that bad. Here is the end result of him working on it and repairing the leak from an outdoor faucet:

The stuff you see around is what’s left of my store – a quilting store. We had to move the fabric to a safer location and only two bolts appear to have been ruined by the leak. Right now, the leak is fixed and the wall/carpet is drying so we can start the repair process.

Being a good housewife/homemaker, I was able to solve the problem of no water in the house for nearly 15 hours. I had a bottle of water from camping and actually had the Nanny run and get a new one in the morning. We refilled them after and they are safe in the fridge – just in case.

Here I am, heating water to wash dishes during breakfast. And, as a thank you, I made breakfast for Jen’s parents when they came back on Sunday morning to finish fixing the leak.

Stuffed French Toast with Madeline’s and a dish of fruit. It was delicious. I did learn, however, that Jen’s mom doesn’t like cherries. I’ll have to remember that for the next time they come to eat at my house. Didn’t ladies in the old days keep a record of their friends, what they fed them, what they couldn’t tolerate, and such? Maybe I should do that, as well.

On the 23rd, Caiden helped me make grape Jello for desert. He put cherries and plums in it. It was delicious. We still have some left and the boys do like it.

Now, on to what I’ve been working on in The Nook over the past couple days. First off, I double-checked all of my (and Jen’s) current projects to make sure they were ready for the quilter. Here’s a run-through.

This pattern is called Colonial Pavement. And the back is this:

And then, we have a blanket I made for a former sister-in-law who just had a baby girl. I just haven’t gotten it to the quilter’s.

I came up with the pattern/idea by myself and I kind of like it. I had some input from friends and I was piecing it together. It’s ready for the quilter.

Next up, a blanket Jen made for one of her niece’s. She’s anxiously waiting for it to go to the quilter’s and come back so she can give it away.

I think she did a great job of it and we really need to get it to the quilters for her!

This one is for Jen. It is called Sidelights. I didn’t make it exactly as the pattern dictates; however, the general principle is in place. The main picture with pieces of it on the outside. I love it and not sure if I am going to turn it over to the quilters or just leave it as a wall hanging.

This next blanket is what I call “Blood Red.” It has a cute story but I’ll save that for another day. it’s ready for the quilters. It’s an over-sized queen and beautiful.

This picture is me testing the blanket on my bed to make sure it is perfect. And, it is.

This was today’s project. It’s flour sack fabric formed into towels. These two are done – Monday and Tuesday. Each one has a Redwork picture and the day of the week. I made these today.

I took the fabric, cut it the size I needed and embroidered (with my sewing machine) the desired image. Then, I turned the edges and stitched them up. The top left corner actually has a piece of ribbon sewn into the edges on the diagonal to hang the towel on my cabinet to dry in the evening.

So, there you have it. I’m pretty much caught up on all the pictures sitting around. I hope you enjoyed the review.

Thank you for listening,


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