Late Night Thoughts

Unless you have enough money to support yourself the full year, stay home

A quote seen elsewhere

Hi there. It’s late and I should be prepping for bed. However, I had a nasty scare with a spider in my bedroom and I’m avoiding it, now. Without exaggeration, it was nearly as big as the palm of my hand. I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom, checking the size of a new quilt for my bed and it ran across the baseboards next to me. Not cool! I don’t think the Nanny has ever seen me move so fast in all her time with this family – and, considering how much my knee hurts from silly stupidity with the boys this morning, that was impressive, if I do say so myself. Which I just did.

The quote above: “Unless you have enough money to support yourself the full year, stay home.” I love it. I watched the video and the entire story is about woman/girls coming to New York long ago, looking for jobs to stay in the “Big City.” Mining town daughters, Cinderella’s they are called. However, if we stop and think about it, we could use that quote in so many other ways.

Let’s take shopping, for instance. If you don’t have enough money to support yourself for a year, stay home. No shopping. I know. That isn’t entirely feasible. Right? So, let’s modify it. Do you have groceries for a month? Then, you can shop. Where is the money coming from for next months’ shopping?

I believe, thinking like that could actually turn many family financial status’ around. (Was that sentence bad English?) Seriously, if you actually look at income/outgo and make sure that you have enough groceries and gas to get through a month, then go ahead and pay spend it.

I got rid of credit cards years ago. I haven’t had one since … the mid 1990s? I don’t have credit card debt. I have a vehicle to pay off (the other one is finally clear) and I have medical debt. I owe nothing to any store creditors, either.

Well, I do have some lingering bills from my store. Those should be paid if full by the end of the year. No problem there. I should never have done it, but I did. Now, I’ll pay for it and move on. Back to the status of no bills except necessities.

I’d love to pay off Les Schwab. It appears, though, that when I get it paid down, I need their services again. Brakes, tires, batteries and the like. So, I think that will be a revolving credit thing for a long time. It would be better to completely get rid of it and pay cash.

Ok, off the topic of bills. My point is, that video was amazing in its teachings and didn’t mean to be. If you don’t have enough money to support yourself for a month (we can’t do a year, I know), then don’t go out. Stay home. Do nothing.

It seems, lately, my entire world revolves around money. When I was working, I had extra on top of extra and ended up getting myself severely pickled. It wasn’t pretty. Now, I have no job and only my VA pay and I still feel pickled. Every little thing I do ends up with me having no funds for anything.

It gets depressing. I keep pointing myself towards the goal of the end of the year. Things should be calmer and better by then. I make goals and try to keep them – and life interferes. However, I think things are getting better.

Well, I managed to distract myself from the spiders for a bit. That was nice. Of course, mentioning them means I am thinking about them again.

O’well, life goes on.

Thank you for listening,


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