Waxing Nostalgic

I heard that phrase in a movie – or was it a book – once. I like it. It describes today.

I spent part of the day reflecting on ex #1 and all that went on. Wondering, considering, being angry at and moving on to other business. I spent part of the day reflecting on my store. I moved too fast, got too excited and generally made a mess of things. Live and learn, right? I spent part of the day wondering about ex #2. I found his picture and it started from there.

When I love, I love deeply. I don’t pretend or act or put up a front. I love or I don’t. Sometimes, I put up with because of love. Other times I put up with out of duty. The above three mentioned were never duty and the love remains for all.

I have made my mistakes but it doesn’t not end the love when one gives up and moves on. Just because I can move on and not wallow in self-pity doesn’t mean love is over, hurt is over. I move on and keep going because I must. Read here.

On another note, I’ve taken to walking with the babies in the evenings. We run our little RC cars and have a blast – they don’t even realize they were walking.

They are having a great time but our cars are getting worn out with all the walking. We’ll have to replace them with new ones, soon. We buy the cheap ones. Saves on tears when they accidentally break or fall into the river we walk beside.

So, yesterday, we decided to walk at Skyline High School. They have a beautiful track there! Well, the car batteries were dying and it was a long walk around the football field to get new batteries, so we just started walking. We walked around four times and called it a night.

However, as stupid as I am, we ran bits and pieces for giggles and fun. Ok, Brendan ran this morning nearly 2 and a half times around the football field sized track. We ran in spurts, mostly to get away from the sprinklers. I tore up my knee. I don’t know how or why. It hurts on the backside of one of my knees.

And to think, in the Navy, I used to run a mile and a half in 10 minutes and 30 seconds…. ouch.

This afternoon, I actually finished a quilt top for a blanket Jen wants. Well, it’s actually a wall hanging and I think it is beautiful. Obviously, because it is for the Nanny, it’s purple. I’ll have pictures tomorrow, I’m sure. Watch for a Quilting Page which will have pictures of all my blankets/wall hangings/etc.

Thank you for listening,


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