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This morning, I was thinking, “I have quite a few things from my Mother. Things I cherish because she gave them to me. Either they were made by her or she has had them for ancient years.” This post will be about the things I have around the house that are inherited from her. I cherish every one of them.

Not very many people actually keep things, anymore. Oh, yeah, there’s a big push right now to “reuse/repurpose” things. But, how many of us actually have things that have been handed down to us from our parents and see them as perfect, exactly the way they were made?

Disclaimer: I’m not condemning! I’m just thinking out loud. That’s the purpose of this blog. I have kept each thing my mother gave me in the exact same shape/shade/color she gave it to me in. I haven’t sold it off. I haven’t repainted it. I haven’t tried to do anything with it except keep it exactly as beautiful as the day it was made. That’s my choice. Your choice is to do what you will with your precious items.

Probably one of the first things my Mom ever passed down to me. It’s an antique dresser owned by her grandmother(?). It’s beautiful and I’ve done the best I can at keeping it exactly as it came to me. Many times, I have had an opportunity to have a bedroom set. However, I haven’t. I have a dresser that means a lot to me. I don’t have a bed frame besides the bottom rails to keep it off the floor; however, I have other things she has given me that give my room more.

Like this. It holds blankets and such. It was a little beat up wen she passed it on to me. I have tried to keep it from deteriorating further. I love it at the end of my bed and it matches the dresser pretty well.

This green stand does not match my bedroom in any way. I do use it as a nightstand, though. It works for my needs and she gave it to me. That makes it alright! I left it the original color. I don’t believe I will change it. I might, in the future, but not right now.

If I remember rightly, the story behind this stool is as follows: My Mom saw it at a craft show and she pointed it out to my Dad. She asked him to make her one, so he did. I believe she did the wood engraving on the top. It was given to me back in 1993 (or thereabouts) and at the time, I thought it would be beautiful to paint the wood engraving. My bad – but I think the paint and the stool held up remarkably over the years. You have to figure, this is at minimum, a 20 year old stool and still in amazing shape.

I was never so proud and happy in all my life as the day I got my Mom’s china. I was the only daughter, so it was natural for it to come to me. However, living so far from home, it was hard to say if she would have given it to a daughter-in-law. But, she gave it to me! It’s a little beat up; you have to remember, I come from a huge family of boys and one girl (me). It’s a little beat up. But, I’ve keep it entirely intact since she gave it to me and even have the serving platter. Occasionally, I take it and use it but I’m so scared of losing a piece, it mainly stays there for show.

Her blue glass jars. She gave these to me last summer. I have a few more on the other end of this fireplace mantle. They are charming and go beautifully with the (mostly) country theme of my home. She gave me these at the same time she gave me this picture:

A beautiful picture that hangs in my dining room. Of course, in my living room, I have a solid wood corner shelf she gave me:

According to Mom, it has been in every home her and Dad have ever lived in. Typically in her bedroom, if I remember rightly.

This is another set of goodies from my Mom. I can’t rightly remember the story behind them. I think perhaps they were my Dad’s mother’s things. But, they grace my dining room.

My Mom and Dad have an antique towel(?) rack. I don’t have a picture of it. It hung in my grandmother’s house for eons and then in my parents home. My dad made this replica for my mom years ago. It came to me. My goal is to hang it in my home. I’m just not sure where. I can put it near my fireplace and hang wet clothes on it in the winter or I can put it in my dining room and hang my bandana napkins on it. I have not decided. I’ve only lived here since the first of May so I haven’t had a lot of time to finish decorating.

This picture actually has a mirrored background. The saying on it is, “Beloved, let us love one another, as love is of God.” 1 John 4:7. My Mom said it was a wedding gift to them when they got married or something like that… Man, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten. I feel awful!

And finally, the blankets. My Mom has made me quite a few (and my boys) and I’ve got each one. They are beautiful work from someone who was terribly good at what she did. She doesn’t quilt any longer; her hands won’t let her.

I believe this is the first blanket my mother ever made me. It is beautiful and if I search my memory banks, I can remember her and Aunt Karen working on it in my baby brother Matthew’s room – he was only a few months old, maybe 6 months, tops. Which means (since he is 32), this blanket is roughly 32 years old.

Or was this blanket the first one she ever made me? I remember her and Aunt Karen working on something and I wasn’t sure what it was – and it turned into a blanket for me! So, this one has to be roughly 32 years old, as well. I know I got both of them from my Mom within the same time frame. In fact, this blanket has a piece of cloth in it that came from a dress I wore as a child – and I have a picture of me in that dress!

This blanket has a cool story. When I was in the Navy, I was up for orders and I was told I was going to Keflavik, Iceland. Now, we all the history about Greenland being ice and Iceland being green; however, when I told my parents I was going, my Mom decided that I needed a warm blanket to take with me. My Dad, according to my Mom, actually went out and bought me a sweatshirt to keep warm. He told my Mom, “It will show everyone where you come from.” It is a Colorado sweatshirt. Btw, I still have that sweatshirt. It’s in the bottom drawer of the dresser, tucked away for safe keeping. My Mom says it’s the only thing my Dad has ever gone out and purchased without her help. I’m proud of it.

My Mom did not make these. They were bought – by my Dad. According to Mom, my Dad always picks out their bedroom bed set and she decorates the bedroom according to what he finds and likes. Kind of an interesting take on things! Apparently, if I remember right, the first one my Dad ever bought my Mom was the one on the right. It is still in very good shape and they’ve been married well over 30 years. She gave me both and I treasure them.

A bed set my Mother gave me. It’s maroon with flowers. She had the spread and the pillow covers. The throw pillows are my addition to the set. Right now, it is being used by the Nanny. I moved into a different color scheme – no more maroon for the moment – and she loved it.

And finally, a shelf from my Mom that hangs in my bedroom. I have not hung it, as yet, in this house. I will. I use it to put cherished presents from my babies in it. According to Mom, I believe she said it was in my paternal grandmother’s house for years and years – and then passed to mom and now to me.

These next two blankets are gifts from Mom to my babies when they were born. Her hands are like mine and making things for her is extremely hard. She can’t grip things as easily as others (just like me) and yet, she made these two lovelies for my babies:

And that’s it. Well, not *it*. I’m quite sure there is more, I’ve just not unpacked them or remembered them, just yet. What kinds of things do you have from your Mother? Or, your Dad?

Do you talk to your parents? For the past 2 months, I have made it a habit to text my Dad every morning. I text him quite simple things. Basically, I say, “Hi. This is what we’ve got going on. How are you and Mom?” He answers about every 2nd or 3rd day. I don’t expect his undivided attention every morning. I’m just reaching out to let him know I am here and thinking about him. As far as I can remember, I’ve texted him late twice and completely forgot one day. However, the entire point is to let him know that us up in Idaho are thinking about him and Mom down there in Oklahoma.

What do you do for your parents?

Thank you for listening,


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One thought on “Things from Mom

  1. P.S. I forgot to mention my bathroom set. It was purchased for ex #1 and myself in 2008. I still have it as my bathroom decor. Towels, shower curtain, the soap/toothbrush holder, etc.

    So, I do believe, every room in my home has something “From my Mom.”

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