A Friend for Breakfast

No, I didn’t eat my friend for breakfast. Then I wouldn’t have a friend, would I? I invited her over and she came for breakfast. I made German Pancakes but we also had on the table the leftover Quiche from yesterday. All food disappeared. No! She didn’t eat it all! We just managed to all collectively get it eaten! It’s not like it was a lot of food.

Oh, Lord, this is coming out wrong. Please help me fix it!

Moving along swiftly…

It was nice to see my friend. We call her Miss Kim, even though she is my age, because she was my baby’s nursery and Rainbows teacher at church. Calling her that teaches the boys to call her that – with respect. Of course, she is constantly humiliated by the name because some…one opened a bar. A topless bar at that… two streets away from where she lives and they had the audacity to call it “Miss Kim’s.”

We had a nice visit. We haven’t really seen each other since I left the church back in March/April. We talked a lot and had a great time doing it.

One thing we talked about really hit home with me. I posted about not knowing what to do with the “gift” I keep walking away from. See, the morning after I posted about walking away from it again, I got a call from my one remaining client. He pays me $x a month to answer the phone when he calls – or his business – or his wife (who is a dear friend of mine). He had malware and needed my help. So, off I went. And today, another call from him.

Miss Kim follows my blog (thank you!) and was mentioning that she read my post about my gift with computers. She said, basically, we all have gifts and what we do with them is not always what we expect to do with them. It doesn’t mean we have to have a job fixing computers. Maybe my gift will help out a church or a few friends, keeping their computers up and running. Just as she is great with children, her gift being the patience to understand little people and teach them – she didn’t have 12 kids! She used her gift to work in the nursery at Church and help out with Rainbows on Wednesday nights.

So, in that regard, I won’t *walk away* from my gift but move towards using it in a different way. There. That’s better, right? I feel a little more settled about it, actually.

For lunch, we had crepes. The newest challenge the Nanny and I dreamed up for my kitchen repertoire. I made them and rolled them up with some jam for the boys for lunch.

Yes, I was using my Android to look up a recipe. I do that when I can’t find it in my cookbook collection. Then, I take what I found and write it up on my own recipe cards for my personal book.

Butter the pan so maybe they don’t stick as easily. I hope.

Make sure the batter is runny. I actually added a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to the recipe and skipped the salt.




Eat. Gobble it up. Leave no leftovers because it is yummy.

By itself, the crepe isn’t sweet or exceptionally pleasing to the palate. I mean, it is nice and yummy but, as an American in the 21st century, we require just a little more sweet. Right? So… This is what I smeared on it.

Yes, Sugar-Free. It is made with Splenda. Delicious!

All gone. Thank you, Mommy!

I cancelled my weekly appointment on Wednesdays. I told him it was too hot to leave the house, can we get together next week. He said that was fine, he had a lot of paperwork to catch up on. So, I am home and happened to catch Caiden after he fell asleep.

And here I am, hot as blazes, and he’s bundled up like he is camping in the dead of winter.

I had a great visit with Miss Kim and look forward to another one. Unfortunately, I finally broke my streak of getting up at 6:30 a.m., every day. I was up until midnight, making sure the house sparkled for my guest. I went to bed, didn’t feel super tired, but managed to wake up at 7:30 and coming complete unglued. How did I miss my alarm!? And this morning was so important!

Jen said that she was up at 6:30 a.m. to help me and the reason she didn’t wake me up when I missed my alarm? She said, “I didn’t want to wake the boys walking back towards your room.” I said, “Jen! Text? Phone call?!” She’s a brat.

I just found out, we’ll have an overnight guest tonight. Jen’s friend is coming to see her and they decided meeting up here and leaving tomorrow to spend the day together would be better than seeing each other for just a few hours tomorrow. We were planning a frozen pizza and salad for dinner!

While typing all this, I am working on my client’s computer. It’s nice to be able to sit in my home and do it – get other things done while it is performing the actions I told it to. Time to go check on it so,

Thank you for listening,


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