Promised Pictures Part 3

Hello, again. I know I am posting a few more pictures of me and my babies while we were camping. Yes, Jen is there. She’s in a few of the pictures!

The boys checking out the Fountain Paint Pots. I love that part of Yellowstone. More so than Old Faithful!

This is us at the Fountain Paint Pots.

Obviously Old Faithful. It is always amazing to see.

The boys and I watching Old Faithful.

The boys with Jen watching Old Faithful.

This is where we were camping. It was a nice spot! The only creature comfort was a toilet in a room – but it didn’t flush! No lights in there, either. It really sucks when your phone goes dim right in the middle of doing your business.

What is it about animals and boys wanting to climb on them? We stopped at the Museum in Yellowstone but, due to cost, we did not go inside. I gather it is much like Yellowstone Bear World here in our area. Live animals and the like.

Huge bear in the gift shop. Not for sale or the boys would have begged me. I think that’s an awesome picture!

Grilled cheese for lunch on our campfire. I love that pan. I’ve had it for more than 10 years and have used it for various things in my home. The last month or so, it’s gotten a lot more use and it performs amazingly!

That’s all the pictures I have just now. I apologize for those who are following me and getting multiple emails. Today, I’ll be posting a lot in an effort to catch up after being gone so long. Thank you for your patience.

No one entered the contest so the date is extended. Do you want to help me? Click here to find out how: Do You Want Something of Mine? I could really use the help, so please get involved! The new date is July 20th.

Thank you for listening,


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