Promised Pictures Part 2


The rest of the pictures:

I really can’t say much about this one. Do you see the big grin on her face? I think she’s enjoying it!

This picture was me prepping for the first morning we were camping (Thursday, July 12th). Bacon in little plastic bags so it didn’t get water logged in the cooler. Eggs and milk for scrambled eggs. The cheese bites are not for breakfast. Everyone else is asleep at this point.

Prepping one of my favorite pans…

And it all cooks. I didn’t figure it would be this easy but it was. The eggs cooked really good but they did stick a bit to the pan.

Playing after breakfast. The little toy jeeps really took a beating this weekend. Now, where’s that extended warranty paperwork?

Mom, I’m not awake yet! Let me drink my hot chocolate first!

On Wednesday, I washed my hair and put conditioner in it. I didn’t wash out the conditioner. Thursday morning, Caiden helped me pour warm water on my head to rinse it out and start the day with fresh hair.

One of the visitors to our camp site. They were not overly shy and they were not easily scared.

Stopping to take a break and look at the gorgeous river…

Looking outside the car in Yellowstone National Park. Not sure what he was looking at, anymore. Took too long to post pictures, now have forgotten.

That’s all for now. I must prep some more of them. Expect a busy day on Living the 1950s as I get caught up after being away from home for so long…

Thank you for listening,


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