Identify this animal…

The second time we had to stop for Rendy – because of overheating. At least we could play in the water for a few minutes, right?

We saw a herd of these grazing in Yellowstone National Park. I pro’lly took a hundred pictures. Can you identify it?

At times, I think: Horse (but the mane/tail is missing). Then, I think, Donkey. But, it can’t be. I feel rather silly because I can’t figure it out – and they were beautiful creatures. I took so many pictures…

I mean, really? It’s driving me insane. No laughter, please.

We also saw… (what is it?)


That’s about all we saw. It was a fun trip from the South Entrance, regardless. We’ve never really done that. At least not in the last 7 years – and my boys have never seen it.

For late lunch/dinner:

Yes, I bought them a soda. It was a cute treat while camping. I don’t typically allow it…

We took a walk to the river after dinner and found a dock. It was kinda nice! Yes, this is at the campground.

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast on Saturday morning.

There is so much more to say and talk about regarding the camping trip. We were flakey and unorganized but, by the end, we actually got ourselves a plan of attack for the next camping trip. Keep in mind, except for family when I was younger and the in-laws camping trips (which are a mite different) over the past 10 years, I haven’t done camping like this (and alone – no man) ever. This was a first and a learning experience…

Thank you for listening (and being patient while I update all day today),


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4 thoughts on “Identify this animal…

  1. NanJenni

    I had a amazing time. From the walks to watching the boys roasting hot dogs(for the very first time.) They did awesome. Oh and the food was excellent.

  2. Hi!
    Looks like all kinds of fun!
    I think the animal was a cow elk, and the bird looked like a sandhill crane. Was it huge?
    miss kim šŸ™‚

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