And Heaven Opens…

I have a set of books that I love. I’ve read them countless times and I have loaned them out many times. Each time I loan them out, I do not get them back and I have to buy them for myself all over again. However, I do so, gladly. They are extremely well-written and offer great insight into how things are around you and me. Things we aren’t always aware of and quite a few times, don’t stop to ponder. It also clearly outlines the power of prayer. When prayer in a church falls, the angels are bound tight and can’t react to assist us in our daily struggles. It’s an eye-opener of such magnitude, I have read them  many times and still enjoy picking it up again.

What are these books? This Present Darkness and Piercing The Darkness by Frank E. Peretti. The following is a quote from Piercing the Darkness. I read it yesterday and bawled my eyes out at the masterful writing of such an intimate and huge moment in a person’s life. Just before this section, one of the main characters had just given her life to the Lord. A woman who murdered her own tiny baby. A woman who had, for most of her life, taught others to ignore God, the Bible and anything associated with it. This is what the angels did when she bowed her head and spoke to her God:

“Above, as if another sun had just risen, the darkness opened, and pure, white rays broke through the treetops, flooding Sally Beth Roe with a heavenly light, shining through to her heart, her innermost spirit, obscuring her form with a blinding fire of holiness. Slowly, without sensation, without sound, she settled forward, her face to the ground, her spirit awash with the presence of God.

“All around her, like spokes of a wondrous wheel, like beams of light emanating from a sun, angelic blades lay flat on upon the ground, their tips turned toward her, their handles extending outward, held in the strong fists of hundreds of noble warriors who knelt in perfect, concentric circles of glory, light, and worship, their heads to the ground, their wings stretching skyward like a flourishing, animated garden of flames. They were silent, their hearts filled with a holy dread.

“As in countless times past, in countless places, with marvelous, inscrutable wonder, the Lamb of God stood among them, the Word of God, and more: the final Word, the end of all discussion and challenge, the Creator and the Truth that holds all creation together – most wondrous of all, and most inscrutable of all, the Savior, a title the angels would always behold and marvel about, but which only mankind could know and understand.

“He had come to be the Savior of this woman. He knew her by name; and speaking her name, He touched her.

“And her sins were gone.

“A rustling began in the first row of angels, then in the next, and then, like a wave rushing outward, the silken wings from row upon row of warriors caught the air, raising a roar, and lifted the angels to their feet. The warriors held their swords Heavenward, a forest of fiery blades, and began to shout in tumultuous joy, their voices rumbling and shaking the whole spiritual realm.”

and then…

“Then came another roar, from voices and from wings, and another flashing of hundreds of swords. The wings took hold, and the skies filled with warriors, swirling, shouting, cheering, worshiping, their light washing over the earth for miles around.”

What an amazing way to birth a new human into the love of Christ. Can you imagine hundreds of angels cheering and excited because of one lone woman? It boggles the mind. They are so excited for a murderer, a normal nobody. Can you imagine what is going on around you when you bow your head and speak those words to your God?

I can say nothing else… just let the text from the book speak for itself…

Thank you for listening,


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