The Promised Pictures

Hi! I promised pictures. First, a recap of today. Last night, we ended up going home. We go there, snuggled babies in bed and crashed ourselves. We were beat down and needed showers. Plus, we wanted to bring a few extra things up with us. No. We did not go home just to get things. We really did need a good nights’ sleep and some other stuff to stay and play a few more days. Rather than spend precious money buying those things, we filled the gas tank with the money.

It was well worth it. We had huckleberry pancakes for breakfast and got our newly washed clothes/towels and took some more food from the cabinet and fridge. I had a cup of coffee … or two! We left pretty early but decided to head up through Driggs and Jackson, instead of through Island Park. That meant we would enter Yellowstone through the South Entrance. That was a long drive! Of course, our Rendezvous forced us to stop twice.

The first time was cresting the hill between Driggs and Jackson. About a mile before the summit, we had to stop or risk overheating Rendy. It was perilous! We sat for an hour. To keep the boys from freaking or thinking bad things were going to happen, I told them we were stopping to having a picnic lunch on top of the hill. They fell for it. Because they trusted me.

After eating and then taking a break to read them a book, we restarted Rendy and crested the hill. The downhill was easier on the engine but I nearly burned out my brakes. I know. I know. Bad driving. I was just too excited about Rendy’s temperature guage going down to remember to keep it lower in speed.

About halfway through the lower half of Yellowstone, we stopped again. This time, on the premise of taking a dip in a lake we found. The dip was awesome – we were all cooking hot because I had the heater on full blast in Rendy. Reason? My dad told me it would help lower the temperature of the engine. And, it worked. But, we were hot and decided to give Rendy a break by cooling ourselves off.

We finally got back to our campsite around 5:30 p.m. We made hotdogs on the campfire and now we’re relaxing, waiting for this storm to blow in and back out. It’s blowing cool air and it feels great! However, the threatened storm hasn’t shown up, yet.

We brought our canopy back up with us when we returned. If it rains, we’re ready!

And now, the pictures…

This is how full Rendy was packed the first night we came up.

When we arrived and were about to unpack in the rain while the boys watched a movie.

This is how close the tents were. The rain had stopped and Jen was setting up beds. However, with the tents like this, the boys could get to me rather quickly in the middle of the night, if need be. I am hoping to train them early to sleep in their own tent. Not with mommy.

What you see is God’s Promise after the storm we arrived in the middle of, our first night here. You see two rainbows in the picture. In reality, we had more than that. The bottom rainbow had about 4 total attached to it. I couldn’t get a clear picture but it had several rainbows attached to the bottom of it. it was beautiful. Does anyone remember Caiden predicting rain on our campsite Wednesday morning, before we left on this adventure? I do.

Water for hot chocolate and tomato soup. Yes, I even brought a gallon of milk up to add to the tomato soup so it wouldn’t be too strong or too watery from adding water. YUM!

Some of our ice into the pan so we can clean it out. We boiled the water and it came out sparkling clean so easily. Especially since we forgot to bring any form of soap with us, the first time.

Eating tomato soup is a delicate process, mommy.

Eating marshmallows. They actually got to cook their own. Do you realize how hard it is to keep them from falling into the white-hot iron ring that the fire is built in when they do their own marshmallows!?

Speaking of marshmallows. I’m going to go cook some with the babies. More pictures, later!

Thank you for listening,


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