I’m not sure about this…

This morning, I tried a new recipe from the box of Betty Crocker 1971 recipes. This is the recipe:

The ingredients? Onion, Swiss cheese (shredded), 1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup, and various other ingredients I’ve forgotten. I’m sitting outside and the card is inside.

So, you fry up the onions. I used my cast-iron skillet. I am really loving it. The onions fried up a lot easier in that than any other pan I’ve ever used. Line the dish with onions, then the shredded cheese. Add the soup mix you’ve created, top with slices of buttered bread (not toasted). Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and done. The recipe says to put it on broiler for 5 minutes to toast the bread; however, when it was done the 30 minutes, the bread was brown but not over-crunchy. I like it that way so I went with it.

I am not sure about this, though. I did good on the recipe, the babies seemed ok with it, the Nanny loved it. But me? It tasted just a bit wrong. Not … typical, normal.

While it was baking, the boys woke up. I had them draw and color me a picture of what they wanted to do today. I drew this (camping)

Caiden came up with this. At first, he wanted to have ice cream. I find that humorous because on 105.5 The Hawk, they were discussing which was better, ice cream or frozen yogurt. When he saw my picture, he changed his to make it camping with marshmallows. Children are highly suggestive, if you didn’t realize that. He also said the blue falling from the sky is rain at our camp site.

Brendan woke up and, after getting his eyes open and brain engaged, he came up with this. He tells me that it is “staying home and having fireworks.” The fireworks are on the right top. He said, “That’s what they do when you light them.” The feet on the house is actually hands. I’m not to sure about why. He didn’t explain.

And, the Nanny. She wants to go camping at Big Springs so we can feed the fish. Hers is the only picture that came out blurry. I’m not sure why. I took several pictures, trying to figure it out. I thought she did an excellent job!

And so, today, we’re going to try to get our things together to go camping. We’re at around $20 to make this happen. The boys are semi-excited. However, since they’ve never gone camping with mom (only with dad on their own), I’m sure they don’t know what to expect!

We have a 10:30 Dental appointment for Brendan, I have my weekly 1 p.m. appointment (for the VA) and then we can try to get out of town. If we go to Island Park, we can possibly go swimming. Otherwise, we’ll go feed the fish. We can’t swim when we feed the fish but we can dip our feet in the water. If you recall, Brendan took a nosedive into the water, last time we went.

One of the blogs that I follow posted this: The Lord’s Prayer. I saw it this morning. I think it is extremely “on target” and will be stealing it. I strongly suggest everyone take a moment and read it for yourself.

A friend of mine has been chatting with me and thinking about starting her own blog. I see that she did, last night. She is like me, looking for a new lifestyle because the current one just doesn’t “fit the bill.” I wish her all the best and will be watching to see how she does. She’s a great lady and has an excellent future ahead of her. My friend is Wrangling Ducks.

Every day, I get a few updates from other blogs that I have found. I don’t always get to a computer to properly share them. Keep an eye out for a new page that is a list of blogs. I figure a page, instead of a post, would be easier to keep updated!

Y’all have a great day. I have to get mine started.

Thank you for listening,


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One thought on “I’m not sure about this…

  1. I enjoy reading about your adventures with the family! Thanks for the plug 🙂

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