Attention Men that love their Wives/Girlfriends

Good evening,

I’m here to give you a little idea. It’s a new concept, but don’t worry, I’m here to explain it all to you.

See, there’s this thing that ladies love. We think it’s one of the best things a man could do for us. It means so much when it’s done randomly and without any special reason. It doesn’t cost a great deal of money. Sometimes, you can even do it free!

Yes, free. It could cost you nothing and make your entire week go smoothly with a wife/girlfriend singing songs while she cleans your kitchen, does your laundry (washes your socks), makes the bed and cleans up the bathroom sink after you’ve shaved.

Now, I’m not saying it’ll give you a free pass. I am saying it makes things go a lot smoother. She may grumble about your working socks laying next to the front door or right inside the door to the bedroom, but it won’t be as loud.

You think I’m kidding? Try it some time. Check back with me if I’m wrong.

What? You want to know what it is? Got your attention did I? Good. Pay attention:

Now, what you see isn’t roses. It isn’t some hot house exotic flower that costs $50 or $100. It is, quite simply, wild flowers. A small token picked up on the way home (on the side of the road is best, these are $3.99 at Albertson’s). When you see her face the first time you show up with these babies, you’ll want to do it every day. I’m warning you – don’t!

Keep it special. When these start to die, replace them. Give her something new to show off on her dining room table, coffee table in the sitting room. Wherever.

And, the best part? They aren’t roses! They are not some fancy arrangement that will die within days, maybe a week. The set of wildflowers you see in that first picture? They were given to me on June 29th. This is what they looked like tonight at the dinner table. Yes. I did move them to another vase. And yes, I did get rid of some of the less bushy ones. But that was today, nearly 2 weeks later!

I give you my word, those are the exact same flowers. And, on top of that, I took one flower and did the following (and it’s been alive this way for nearly a week):

Just a little dish with water, if you can’t see it too clearly.

Now, take my advice. Tonight, tomorrow, soon… get a cheap or free set of wildflowers (honestly, picking them is best if you are able). Be careful, make sure you don’t pick ones that are already dead. That’s just cruel torture of your woman to get pre-dead flowers.

Let me know how it goes,


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