It was only $4.99

Good evening!

As I write this, I am eating an egg with some cheddar cheese. I found a recipe card in the box that my friend lent me and we tried it out – mostly because we (Jen and I) were starving!

So, I tried to use my flat cast iron pan on the stove, testing this recipe. Let’s just say, it tasted ok but … looks? It failed.

Well, there you have it. It looks great. I added the cheese. It talked about being plain rolled egg. It doesn’t look rolled, it doesn’t look like the picture. But, it tasted alright!

We cleaned the oven, this evening. Jen and I busted our butts on it with baking soda for quite some time. We had a little bit of a mess with all the cooking we’ve been doing, lately. At one point, the babies decided they needed to help us. So… they did…

Yes. Those are my babies in the oven. They really wanted to help me and Jen get the oven cleaned up. Later, we decided it wasn’t quite working. We could only get so much clean. So, we bought Easy Off and got it just a mite cleaner than we expected to be able to. We may leave it to clean itself overnight – with the Easy Off. Yes, I know that it goes against my principles to use a chemical in my home. If the self-cleaning function on my oven worked, I’d use it. As you can see, I was telling the truth about my 1978 wall oven. Jen and I did quite a bit with the baking soda option. This is just for the difficult parts.

We went to my son’s school Thrift Store this afternoon. It was fun to look around; however, we went there because my friend Meg told me that they had a tea set there. I’ve been reading in a couple of my books about, “How to Have a Tea Party.” I’ve really gotten interested in it by all that I’ve read and am thinking long and hard about planning such a thing. Years ago, it was perfectly “normal” for a lady to have a Tea Party. To me, it’s as foreign as sushi. So, we looked around and found…

And, believe it or not, it was only $4.99 for the entire set. The Thrift Store is for Calvary Chapel Christian School. Now, the only thing missing is the teapot and creamer/sugar bowls. I’m still looking! While we were there, we also found the following:

It’s a board that hangs with a notepad tied on. I have decided I want to use it to post the menus that I come up with. It’ll hang so everyone can see what I plan on making. I think it will help with my planning of menus. It also matches my dining room. The only problem I have right now is, what to do with when the current set of pages run out? I’m quite sure I can remake it on my computer; however, the old look of the paper will be missing.

Now, for my question of today. What do you do when you lose someone? I’m not talking about when they die. I’m talking about friends that leave you. I’ve lost 5 friends in as many days, this way. Different friends that have decided they no longer wish to be a part of my life. People I looked up to, enjoyed, wanted to get to know better. Gone. So, what do you do? I’ve been wracking my brain all day over this latest upset in my life and I’ve been trying to figure out what I did – what I could have done different – how to get past it.

What a lot of people don’t realize is, with everything I’ve done and been through, there’s one thing that keeps me going. My ability to press on. To not give up. I get up the next morning and press on. I never quit. I make mistakes, I have mistakes made on/to me. I have not let it beat me, I’ve not let it knock me down for more than a second or a day. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s not that it doesn’t affect me. I just choose to press on instead of let it beat me. My ability to do this doesn’t mean I am callous. I get affected and deeply. Always. Now, I have to get past the fact that some people are leaving my life and I can do nothing to stop it and will not know why, until they tell me.

Thank you for listening,


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