Camping? Why, yes!

Since we are considering blowing town tomorrow and going camping, I expect to be very busy tonight. I have one client that needs me to focus for a few hours and quite a bit else to make sure is done around the house before leaving. So, without further adieu, here’s today:

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This show is about Caiden. He started out playing in the dirt with his brother. His brother and he got so dusty, when they ran, they left a dust cloud. You’ll have to watch close to see it. Hovering with your mouse will stop the auto-progression and let you scroll through one at a time.

Caiden got a bright idea to flatten his volcano. That’s him jumping up and down on it. Well, as he is a boy, he saw the chain hanging and got another bright idea – swing from the chain! Now, I am usually very easily scared about things like this but, this time? I relaxed and just brought out the camera – I was so very proud of how strong he was! If you watch, you’ll see him lift his brother to give him a chance at hanging from the chain. He really is a good boy, my Caiden.

Well, he was having fun and I got a ton of shots (these are only a handful) of him swinging and having fun on the chain. He even fell a time or two but did wonderfully on the fall. Didn’t get hurt at all. I was very impressed!

Until…. he decided to grab the blue swing part and not the chain. Well, I said, “Caiden, don’t hang from the blue swing. Caiden, don’t hang from the blue swing. Caiden, don’t hang from the blue swing.” …. pause while mom keeps snapping pictures rapid-fire …. BOOM! The blue swing part slips, he comes crashing down. However, this time, he didn’t land gracefully. He landed full on his back on the edge of the hole under the swing that I let him dig and play in for 2 days. Serious owies…

“Caiden, you going to hang from the blue swing again?” …. “No, mom!”

I bundled him up, fed him Tylenol and let him lay on the couch for nearly 2 hours watching cartoons on a portable computer while I baked a cake in eight different ramekin cups (I gave him the big spoon to lick, his brother the small one) and then made jello for tonights’ dinner. Those pictures will be in “Camping, Part 2

Thank you for listening,


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