Camping, Part 2

So, I made a cake from a box that I found in the back of my kitchen cabinets. I have no clue how old it is, but I decided to make it as a treat to Caiden while he was laid up and injured. Except… I got a bright idea (remember Caiden’s bright ideas?) to put it in the ramekin cups instead of a baking pan.

And, what to my wondering eyes should appear? Eight little ramekin cups, filled with yummies! (I couldn’t finish the rhyme, sorry)

Outstanding turn out! My boys loved it, the Nanny loved it and …. I LOVED IT! I call that a success of great magnitude. *big crowd cheer*

Now, while that was cooking, I decided to make some jello for after tonight’s dinner.

My boys got hungry (it was only 1030, I don’t know why!), so while I was doing all this I fed them a snack left over from when I had my store open. Here’s my 5 year-old Joker, after that…

*sigh* Yes, that’s him. He thinks he’s Batman, but I swear, he’s more like the Joker – the *legal* Joker!

So, what was the Nanny doing while I was tending the injured child and baking up a storm (what is it about baking when upset?)? She was doing me a favor and making it so we could park our black, hot vehicles in the garage. We’ve gone through a lot of stuff and we’ve gotten rid of a whole bunch of extra *things* we don’t need but we’ve still got a little left to go through. Most of it appears to be required for living. She sorted it and got it set into places where it needs to be… and we pulled the cars in…

She is so proud! And so am I. She did such a great job, I bribed her to clean the kitchen after my baking fiasco. I gave her a ramekin of cake, promised the jello would be good at dinner, fed her lunch and told her I would make huckleberry crisp tomorrow. She left the garage full of smiles and entered the kitchen to this…

And that’s just the sink. She agreed and she did a great job cleaning up that, as well. What have I done all day? I’m not quite sure. I don’t believe my head has been attached since the kid fell and I baked a storm to put a smile back on his face. And, if I want to go camping, I have to get my butt in gear!

Thank you for listening,


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