The Role of the Man in the 1950s

I found this link quite interesting: How to be a Good Husband in the 1950s.

  • Financially provide
  • Make her feel appreciated
  • Keep the romance alive
  • Check in with your children
  • Be happy to see her

You’ll notice each of these (with one exception) is centered around taking care of your wife. She does everything to make your life simple, easy and enjoyable. It’s only fair to do the same for her.

What does the Bible say?

The Twelve Commandments for Husbands is a good read!

  1. Love your wife and never let her doubt your love
  2. Seek to understand your wife – you will fail but spend a lifetime trying
  3. Talk to your wife
  4. Do not use sarcasm or ridicule
  5. Listen to your wife
  6. Do not lord it over your wife – partners with the husband in leadership, not dictatorship
  7. Wife is best friend
  8. Help in all ways – financial and others
  9. Accept her as she is
  10. Practice tenderness in all things, including sexual relations – your body is not yours alone
  11. In some way, show her you love her every day of your life
  12. Never give up

I thought that list was kind of cool. I think, in some respects, the website is a little off-balance to what I was raised to believe but I like what they have to say. I tried searching their site for what a good wife is and found nothing. However, I did find the 25 Rules to a Healthy Marriage. It’s a must-read for everyone! I will refrain from reposting all of it here.

I have noticed one prevailing trend in everything I’ve read. A woman takes care of house and home (including husband and children) and the husband takes care of the wife. Just as he is her spiritual leader, he is the head of the household and, by all appearances, the one that takes care of her.

Thank you for listening,


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