Housekeeping Schedule

I got my ideas from The Time-Warp Wife. I have started on my newest set of goals. This one is, a schedule. When and where, how and why of my days. Right now, cooking and cleaning the kitchen takes the bulk of my day. 3 meals a day, planning and getting things set up, eaten, and cleaned up. So, I need to find a way to make more happen during my day.

Her recommendations are on this printable she freely offers: Daily Housekeeping Schedule.

Everyday: Dishes, laundry, make beds, straighten-up 3x a day for 10 minutes each and then spend 10 minutes a day de-junking your house.

Easy enough, right? I don’t like the laundry part. I really don’t want to do laundry every day. I mean, if I have to, I can. I just don’t like it. I can see how that would make sense. Do a load or two every day and it never piles up on ya. I’ve been spoiled with the Nanny for two years. She has always maintained the laundry, never letting it pile up or get out of hand. So, I think I’ll start on the basics and work into doing the laundry every day.

Monday: Take care of your bathrooms.

We have three. This could be interesting. I typically manage mine and the Nanny takes care of hers and the boys’.

Tuesday: Clean the bedrooms.

Ok. That makes sense. Take a day to change sheets, vacuum, straighten up. My boys are being taught to pick up their toys. That makes things easier.

Wednesday: Clean up the kitchen.

Makes sense, because Thursday says to do the shopping. If your kitchen is clean and you take note of things you need while you are cleaning the kitchen, it make grocery shopping a lot easier.

Thursday: Grocery Shopping/Errands.

I wonder if I can get all the boys’ appointments planned on Thursdays. This would also mean one day gone from the house, not a little bit each day.

Friday: Floors and dusting.

It says to vacuum the inside of the couch every second week. I wonder how many of us actually think of the inside of the couch? That’s an interesting idea.

Saturday: Outside chores.

It mentions that outside chores are a great time for the family to work together and be together. I like this part, especially on a Saturday.

Sunday: Enjoy a day of rest with the family.

I agree with this part. The Bible strictly says that Sunday should be a day of rest and revitalize. One should focus on church and family. I have read many parts of the books I have been purchasing and Sunday was always a day of a pot roast in a crock pot or oven while the family was at church, thus letting the wife have an easier time in the kitchen, itself.

The Nanny and I have spent quite a few Sundays packing and leaving for a day or a night. We go fun places. Unfortunately, a lot of that time, we skipped church to do so. That was our bad. We should go to church and then skip town with the boys. Being as it is summer, we have all the time in the world. We don’t have to skip church so we can be back by school or work on Monday. Time to reevaluate and reschedule what we do.

Of course, isn’t that the point of this entire exercise and my current goals?

I am going to see about putting this list somewhere I can actually use it and try to stick to it. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Thank you for listening,


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