I have had several pictures sitting on my desktop for a few days. I figured I’d spend a morning playing catch-up and post the pictures so far unused.

This is a picture that I had in a hundred (or more) dollar frame. I loved it and it hung in my dining room (which is roughly country themed). I found that natural wood frame at Porter’s. They had it on Pre-4th of July sale for $10! I bought three – I didn’t need three. They were too cheap to just let go. I took this beautiful picture out of its overpriced frame, cut the matting down to a size for this frame and popped it in. It has no glass, the borders aren’t even and the tag on the bottom I actually ripped out of the original framing. I think it is absolutely beautiful – much better than something that cost an arm and a leg.

Anyone need a now-used frame?

Dinner one night. The different colors of bandanas represent different people. Last night, I deliberately switched all of them and put them in the wrong spot. The boys thought I’d finally lost my mind! It was awesome. In this picture, it’s where they all belong. Red is me, green is Brendan, Blue is Caiden and purple (you can’t see it) is Jen. The boys randomly switch places, depending on whether they want to sit next to mom or Nanny.

As you can see, my table is pretty simple. No elaborate set-up. Just food, conversation (sometimes upset at boys for not eating) and family. I don’t always use such a big bowl for the salad but it was a big salad!

Another cookbook I have. It’s actually cute in that everything in it is completely meat-free. I love meat, so I don’t like all the recipes. I did, however, try the popovers recipe in this book. My 2nd attempt at making them…

Well, that doesn’t look too bad, does it? Wait until you see the next picture…

Yes, we buttered the things. I’m not sure why they stuck so bad. However, with a little jam…

they were actually tasty. I think I did alright, except they didn’t come out all in one piece. Any hints, please?

My next idea came from this book. Now, to tell the truth, I’ve always made deviled eggs my own way. I never measured, I never looked at a recipe. I just figured my ingredients worked well together and did it that way. After filling the eggs (the ones that didn’t fall apart on the de-shelling), I would cut up the remaining egg whites and put them into what I made, stir it and make egg salad sandwiches out of it. Many people have enjoyed my deviled eggs. This time, I followed a recipe. Nearly to the letter – every cook does a little extra of her own thing…

I used this chopper thing I bought at a flea market years ago. I’ve only really ever used it to make Pico Da Gallo. It has sat in my cabinet for years and was only used for that one thing. This time, I used it to mash up my deviled egg/egg salad sandwich mix. Oh, and this recipe calls for Worcestershire Sauce. Unique idea to me.

Adding ingredients and mixing it up… and it came out like this…

It was awful. The boys ate it, Jen ate it. I thought it was awful. Now, I think part of my mistake was throwing in the pieces of the whites of the egg to be chopped with everything else. Well, they didn’t chop up nice and smooth – nor were they the little chunks I leave in my egg salad mix. So, it was, quite frankly, disgusting. I may try this recipe again, I may use this chopper again. I will not, however, throw the egg whites in there. I will save them and tear them into little pieces by hand like I do with my own recipe.

Now, this picture was what I made for dinner, last night. It was all we had. I did end up tossing in some fresh cold peas right at the table. It is one bag of Garden Mix noodles, 3 cans of Chunk Light Chicken in water (left over from ex #1), 1 cup of mayonnaise and 1/2 cup of Sweet Gherkin pickle juice with 3 pickles cut small to toss in. It was all cold – the pasta was cooked and then drained with cold water to cool it off. It was absolutely delicious and we have plenty left – so if you’re hungry, please come by and help us eat it!

After dinner, we sat outside and played with bubbles. Brendan got a bubble set for his birthday in May, so I broke it out and we played with all the cool ways to blow bubbles. Jen sneaked this picture when I wasn’t looking.

This morning, I actually made stuffed french toast *and* bacon. I got the bacon on the plate. The boys loved it.

I learned a trick. My griddle leaks on one side. Bacon leaves quite a bit of grease. So, I placed the aluminum foil I used to wrap the bacon in to freeze it under the griddle while I was cooking. A lot less mess to clean up after breakfast! And, does everyone know the trick of placing the bacon on paper towels to get the last of the grease off when serving it? That’s a trick I learned from my mother. It’s awesome.

After breakfast, I got to thinking. The boys were going to the water park with the Nanny in Rexburg so I could get some work done, so I made some cookies for them to take with their lunch. However, I made a package of “gluten-free” cookies I bought at the Farmer’s Market a bit back and took half of them over to my friend Meg. I handed it to her and said, “We miss you!” We haven’t seen them since we all went up to feed the fish in Big Springs a little over a week ago.

Her daughter was very happy to have cookies delivered that she could eat. She requires gluten-free. While I was there, my friend and I got to talking. Seems she’s been extremely busy. After this coming weekend, we’re hoping to get together again. I forgot to ask her about my big glass bowl, though. I miss it.

She also said she had something for me to use. Not to keep! Of course, looking through it, I want to keep it! Shame on me.

It’s a set of Betty Crocker recipe cards dated 1971. I’m excited about checking out all the recipes! Thank you, Meg!

Well, I got my work done for my client, updated my site, cleaned up the house a little. Off I go!

Thank you for listening,


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