I’ve Done That, Before…

Yesterday morning, I got to the kitchen and started prepping to make a “Popover” recipe I found in one of the books I bought.

At one point, it called for “melted butter.” Pretty easy! I’ll pop it in the microwave. I carry the measured butter over and what do I find? Melted butter already in the microwave…

Apparently, when Jen was making breakfast on Thursday, she forgot the melted butter. Breakfast still tasted alright, so it’s not a huge deal. However, I’ve done that before! Maybe not leave butter in the microwave but I’ve forgotten ingredients or used the wrong ingredient. I’ve even used too much of an ingredient because I read the recipe wrong! My parents (and my brothers) will tell you a story of a time I tried to make cookies (I think that’s what it was) and used baking SODA instead of baking powder. Talk about embarrassing (and really gross)! I’ve never lived it down and now, in a true tradition of passing the torch to the younger generation, neither will the Nanny! I’ve kept quiet about finding it since yesterday morning just so I can torture her here.

Speaking of mistakes…

I was telling you how I was going to make popovers yesterday. It seemed simple enough. Until I realized we were nearly out of milk. It calls for 1 cup of milk; I had perhaps a half a cup left. I decided to go ahead and try the recipe anyway, to see what happened.

Nothing good. Hard as rocks, taking at least 10 minutes apiece to clean after soaking in water all day. And I do mean, all day. I didn’t even try to clean them out until about 6 p.m., last night. However, being little troopers that love mommy, my boys both tried to eat part of one with a little jam.

Did I mention I love them? Well, I really do! They are troopers. Caiden, of course, wanted me to try and make something else. Everything he asked for required milk (or bread and we were out of that). He wanted “Eggs in a Train,” no bread. He wanted “German Pancakes,” no milk. He kept saying that the store had pancakes, Eggs in a Train, and other things and I had to tell him, “Yes. They do. But they have gallons and gallons of milk and loaves of bread to make those. I ran out.” Finally, I convinced him to go with the Nanny to breakfast at Shari’s. When they returned home, she told me that Caiden was super excited because he got BACON with his pancakes. He was absolutely amazed and loved it. I felt awful. Here I thought I was giving them a good breakfast, trying too hard to do anything but cereal and he missed out on something so simple as bacon. Bacon that I have an abundance of in the freezer from the sale I hit a week or so back. Shame on me!

So, now I have bacon thawing for tomorrow’s breakfast. Today, I didn’t cook. Jen did the honors of making Eggs in a Train. The tips of my fingers are all tore up. Not entirely sure why but they hurt like the blazes. I asked her to take over for a day while I figure out what happened and fix it. She did good. The boys are happy.

They took lunch to the river, yesterday, and fed the ducks some bread I bought at Scorseby’s that has mold barely 4 days later. I was disappointed but the ducks were happy!

During the mid-day, we played in the sprinklers and then set up the tent in the backyard. The idea was to see if the tent was in one piece. Maybe we’ll try and go camping sometime soon.

They had a lot of fun – and even brought to the tent nearly every toy they had in their boxes in their rooms. It was a lot of fun for them and for mommy and Nanny watching them.

Yes, they even ran to get their sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. They were having so much fun, it was awesome to watch! Especially on a hot day.


For dinner, we actually fired up the grill outside. I asked the Nanny to do it. Firing it up still scares the devil out of me. It goes “whoosh” and makes me thinks it is going to explode. However, as soon as she fired it up for me, I cooked some hot dogs. They came out pretty good, actually!

She did good!

Yummy hot dogs from the grill with a salad that Jen worked on. And, the boys, of course, wanted to eat dinner in the tent. So, mommy let them:

And, they even prayed over their meal as they have been taught. Yes, I took pictures while they prayed. It was too cute not to.

I love my boys and I am so glad I am not working, anymore. I get to see a lot of the cute things they do on hot days during the summer. Yes, I could use the money. We run a little tight all the time, now. Before, when I was making good money working (computer tech), we didn’t really want for much and got a lot of things that we didn’t really need. I am finding, now, that I don’t need all the extras. Gas money, money for food and a bit of fun (and some cookbooks) is really all it is about.

Although, there are a lot of things I really want to do and can’t because I am trying to watch every penny. It’s hard going back to near nothing when I had a good job and money coming in from that. Included in that, during late last summer, was the money from ex #2. I got spoiled, the Nanny got spoiled, the boys got spoiled. However, it really was unhealthy. Everything was centered around possessions and what we could do next. The fun we had, the places we went, the cool toys we had. I got wrapped up in working to afford what I wanted; going where I wanted. Doing everything and anything because it was awesome.

Lesson learned. Especially relationships. When it’s built on things or places, it’s nothing at its core. Now, I have nothing and have gotten rid of near everything *extra* to start over – at least, after all the bills are paid off from such stupidity. Someday, I’ll talk about what really happened. For now, I can only give a shadow.

It’s sad to look back and realize, a little over a year ago, the Nanny and I had a great time through the winter and summer with no extra funds. We were happy, the boys were happy. Now, we are back to that spot and trying to get back to what we were – it’s hard. We are relearning that we were happy without, 18 months ago, before the job and the relationship. God is the only solid and constant and it’s time to get back to that and nothing else.

We are getting ready to go to Farmer’s Market. It’s Saturday! Afterwards, we’ll be going back to that lady’s house to pick up sticks. I hope y’all have a great day!

Thank you for listening,


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