Do You Want Something of Mine?

I have been pondering this thought all day long. I want to give something away; however, I would like to have a contest of sorts.

The prize?

It’s a book, has 12 pages for recipes. I will fill it with the recipes I have been collecting over the past few weeks and write them up and send the book to you. It will be yours to keep and use.

Now, what do I want? I need some help. I’m not used to this cooking all day for the family thing. I would like someone to take some time (after learning about me and my family and what we like, etc), and help me come up with a generic menu for one entire week. Breakfast and dinner, primarily, since my boys will be starting back in school shortly. If you have a recipe or two that you want to throw in, feel free! I would love to learn more! Keep in mind, my boys are children of diabetics, so not a lot of high sugar content in the food. We don’t do rice, potatoes or corn. Occasionally, we’ll do cold peas. Cooked peas don’t taste nearly as good. In fact, most vegetables are better when cold, not cooked.

The deadline? Next Friday morning, the 13th of July. I will sit down Friday night and see which one suits me and my family best. I will mail to any of the United States but I’m not real interested in trying to figure out the paperwork to mail it overseas. I am sorry about that. However, if you decide to participate and you are out of the country, I will personally email you an entire document containing all of my recipes. Something you can use to write up your own cards.

I pray people are interested in helping me with this project. I am still learning and do need all the help I can get! Please feel free to ask me any questions. This item will be especially precious because part of my disability is my hands. They don’t work quite right when I am holding a pen or other small item; so it does hurt to write out the recipe cards. It’ll take me a week to write them out and make sure they look grand!

Thank you for listening,



P.S., I might even finally try and write down my specialized spaghetti sauce and put in the book for you – and trust me, that’s hard to do!

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4 thoughts on “Do You Want Something of Mine?

  1. The Nanny

    Hi it’s The Nanny, can i join in on all the fun?

    • Aren’t you already getting a set of my cards? And, if you do, you can’t just pick all of *your* favorites. 😉

      • The Nanny

        Yeah i guess that’s true. I won’t pick all of my favorites, there is only seven days in a week and there is more recipes then that, you cook some good grub, don’t get me wrong on that.

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