The Nanny makes Quiche

Out of indecision comes fantastic ideas. I’ve been writing my recipes on cards for storage and have made duplicates of each for the Nanny. I figure, if I’m not around (for whatever reason) or she leaves us to start her own family, she needs some recipes to get going. Well, since I couldn’t decide what to make, I handed her the cards I’ve been writing up and said, “Your turn. Pick something. Let’s go.”

She decided to make the Quiche from the other day. I watched, supervised, gave tips and tricks.

And the Quiche goes in…

Quite a bit of time later, the Quiche comes out…

You can tell she took the time while waiting for the Quiche to be done to clean up and get dressed. I kind of surprised her with the idea of her cooking (and getting her picture taken!) in front of me and the children. She did pretty good. I gave her some hints along the way, made a few mistakes while doing so. Like adding some mozzarella cheese to her pan because I didn’t think she had enough – I didn’t look in the bag before I added it. Had to pick it all back out again. I guess pre-shredded mozzarella turns green with mold after a few days/week. After that, I left her kitchen. Sat down with my cup of coffee.

The Quiche could have used a few more minutes in the oven but it was very good and, it’s not like she knows how to check to see if it is done or not. That’s my bad for not showing her. All-in-all, she did a great job on short notice! One thing she did notice, we were out of towels in the kitchen. She said, “Where’s all the towels!?” I said, “You only left me one. We used it.” (She does the laundry)

Yesterday, I took my boys to Reed’s Dairy. We had a lot of fun but I didn’t get the pictures up. Here they are:

While Caiden and Brendan were petting the baby cow (calf), it decided to try and eat Caiden’s cape.

The cow licked Caiden’s hand. He didn’t like it.

It was a great day with my boys. I had a lot of fun! I’m looking foward to today. We’re going to Rigby to see what kind of vegetable/fruit stands and/or markets we can find. Tonight, my specialized spaghetti sauce. It is so ingrained in me how to make it, I doubt I could write it up if forced to!

Thank you for listening,


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