Where did the idea of the kitchen being the center of the home come from? Near every one I know agrees with me that the kitchen is where family gathers for discussions, happy times, casual fun and great food. So, where did this come from? Why is/was the kitchen so very important to families everywhere?

My answer? Because that’s where mom is. She is the center of everything. Children gravitate to the nurturing mother who spends most of her day in the kitchen. Not in the living room watching soaps, not in the computer room for hours on end. She was in the kitchen, so that’s where the family went. Because they needed her.

When people talk about home, what do they point out most? Mom’s cooking! Why? Probably not because mom was a gourmet chef. No. I believe the nostalgia comes from the warmth of the kitchen, the smells mom would create in there… and, because MOM was cooking. Even when she makes something completely disgusting, MOM is in the kitchen cooking, being available for talks, hugs and kisses and just general smiles. And that is why mom is the undisputed center of the family. The glue that gathers everyone else to her in unity and love.

For a long time I have gotten upset because everyone gravitates to me (not talking about babies). I mean people in my life. I get so upset, angry, tired of being “in the middle.” I just realized, I am there because I *am* a mother and that’s my place. The quiet, gentle hand leading my children (and those close to me) towards a bright and happy future. The soft voice that leads the family without toppling the male role model. The very core of everything warm, yummy and comforting for my babies (and friends).

Any other thoughts to add?

Thank you for listening,


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  1. Mark

    I totally agree.

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