Everyone is so tired!

We had a full day. For breakfast, I made “Eggs in a Train,” again. It is a definite hit in our home. I’m thinking something might need to go on the bread, however. It is a little dry at times. I’ll come up with something, of course!

What if I made “Eggs in French Toast Trains?” Would that work? The bread would be “not dry” and the eggs would still be in the middle. It doesn’t take hardly anything to put french toast together! Oh, that’s something to try real soon.

I forgot to show a picture of my pretty flowers, this morning. They are actually green. How often do you see green flowers – not weeds! They are beautiful!

Here are some pictures of us at the Farmer’s Market. We had a great time – walking around and looking at everything offered by the various people in and around our town. We even met a guy that makes his own pottery. Not just decorative items. Useable items! Oven baking dishes, plates, coffee cups, serving trays and other things. I bought a spoon rest this time. If it doesn’t break, I might start investing in some “Made in the USA” items instead of “Made in China” disposable crap. Oh, and did I mention? I won the t-shirt I am wearing from 105.5 The Hawk – a local Country Music Station (and the best, in my opinion).

This picture is what we are doing with our Saturday mornings, from now on. We met this lady that was picking up twigs in her yard. I told her that we would love to pick up the twigs in her yard; we wanted them to burn in our fireplace, anyway. She said that was great. I’m quite sure she didn’t expect us to show up – but show up we did! We filled the box she left out for us and brought it home. Every Saturday, we’ll go to her house and clean up some more twigs for her. Maybe she’ll have nice grass by fall?

These are my Farmer’s Market purchases. I didn’t get a lot but was picky in what I did bring home. I got the card of the man selling the delicious tomatoes. I’m going to try and visit him this coming week to see what else he has that my family can use.

Yesterday, I made some egg salad so we’d have it for lunch today. I used a few ingredients I typically don’t. Instead of sweet pickles, I used dill and I added some of the onion I had left over from when I made chili. It tasted really good for lunch!

We spent the afternoon taking a nap, cleaning up the house and then eating dinner. After dinner, we went back outside to work on the yard some more. When we got this house, the yard was trashed. It hadn’t been taken care of in years. We’re working to put it back to beautiful.

My living room and dining room have been storage rooms since I decided to rearrange and get rid of electronics. The TV is gone, as you can see. Now to make it a pleasant room to play in, read in, nap in and just enjoy each others’ company. I’m not sure about the pictures on the wall, yet. That’ll come in time!



I had a great time with it and am very pleased in how it turned out. Now, for the dining room…


One of the parts I loved the most was setting up the that shelf along the wall for the water. I make lemon/lime water or orange water and the boys drink that when they are thirsty. It is one of my purchases over this past week. We used to keep a small pitcher in the fridge for them. Now, with this cute gadget, they can get a drink when they want one. And it’s not a sugar drink or soda or milk. It’s actually healthy! This picture was taken just as we were sitting down for dinner. The bandanas in the last picture are actually our dinner napkins. I’ve decided to decorate with them when we are not eating. Each person at the table has their own color.

Tonight’s meal consisted of: Zataran’s Blackened Chicken Alfredo, tomato (with a dash of salt) slices and cantaloupe. We had no leftovers and even the boys did good on eating dinner. I was so pleased, I made funnel cakes for a later snack…

It was a hit, even if I can’t make a proper funnel cake shape. It’s the fun in making a family snack at night that is the best part.

I had a thought while I was cleaning up the kitchen earlier. I wonder how many of you know this or maybe don’t know this? Did you know that, to keep a stainless steel sink looking brand new, you should dry it after every use? I use my washcloth and a little Dawn detergent. I scrub around the stainless steel. This process takes all of about a minute after every dish washing session. When I am done cleaning, I towel dry it. This way, the sink always looks fresh and clean for later use. You’d be amazed at how wonderful it is to walk into a kitchen with a shiny sink and clean counters! Does wonders for the mood at 6:30 a.m.!

I will tell you, when I had a white porcelain sink, I did not use bleach on it. I don’t own any harsh chemicals in my home. I never have. I tend to clean things as I go, thereby not requiring the use of them. Porcelain will eventually lose its luster with those chemicals, as well. However, when I had the white porcelain, I never allowed red sauce to be poured into it. If we were cleaning something that had stain capabilities, the sink was always washed immediately. That way, I never had to bleach it to get it clean.

Just a couple tips for those with sinks that may need a little help.

All in all, it was a great day! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed everything we did!

Thank you for listening,


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