Did not want to get up…

“We know that if we really want to love we must learn how to forgive.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I did not want to get up this morning. I actually thought I was getting used to my new schedule. I was up and out of my room by 6:33 a.m., but my body really didn’t want to. I did stay up a little late last night, though. I was finishing up some stuff around the house. My goal is to eventually just simply live – not worry about cleaning up the remnants of moving and whatnot.

I’ve lived all over the country and in 2 different countries, during my lifetime. I’ve always explained it the easy way to friends, “My dad was a defense contractor, so we moved quite a bit. Then, I joined the military and moved some more.” I have lived in quite a few states, traveled to all of them and even spent Jan ’99 to May ’99 driving back and forth across my grand country 12 times. Each trip, I tried to take a different route and see different things. Living in Idaho for 10 years is the longest I’ve ever been in one state.

My current goal in life is to have my children graduate from high school in the very house that we are in, right now. Unfortunately, we’ve moved a couple times since they were born. Life circumstances and all that. Including some bad choices! However, we’ve got the perfect house right now and I’m not interested in moving. Ever. Again.

I told my son when we moved into this house, “In 5 years, we’re going to buy this house.” Caiden said, “How much money is it to buy this house?” I said, “Roughly $140,000 dollars.” He said, “YOU have that much MONEY!?” I said, “No, Caiden. That’s why I said we’ll buy it in 5 years. We have to save to buy it.” He said, “Oh.”

That’s my goal, no matter what life may throw at me. I’m currently making this house our home and it’s been taking too long. We’ve been here since the beginning of May and I’m still not quite done. I’m loving what this house is turning into, however. It’s becoming a HOME. And, if I have my way, it’ll be a home that my boys will love to come back to when they grow older.

This morning, we’ve made stuffed french toast. I forgot to take pictures. Basically, you smear some jam on one slice of bread, some cream cheese on another slice. Put them together like a sandwich and make french toast as you normally would (egg/milk mix that you dip it into). It’s delicious and, if done right, no syrup is necessary. Jen (the Nanny) loves it and when I tell her I will be making it, she’s all over it.

In fact, this morning, I went in the kitchen and noticed I had no jam. I sent her a text at 6:55 that said, “Oop. I have no jam to make stuffed french toast.” Five minutes later, she was fully dressed and upstairs, reaching for the keys to go get some. Try it yourself! It might be an instant hit!

I’ve told everyone lunch is cleaning out the fridge. No cooking allowed. We will have meatloaf for dinner. When I made meatloaf the other day, I froze half of it before cooking it and we’re going to cook that.

Thank you for listening,


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