Today we are going to the Farmer’s Market again. We didn’t go last weekend; we were working on the house. While I did enjoy it the first time, I noticed the fruits/vegetables I bought weren’t as good as store bought quality. Is there another place in town that has a good selection of these? I’d love input on that, please!

Yesterday,  we visited Johnny Sack’s (I’ve been since told the correct spelling) cabin. He had no conveniences in his kitchen, if you noticed. No coffee pot, no mixer or grand items for making food. Just a simple sink, some pots and pans and a stove that ran on wood. I thank my God that I have such things (although I rarely use a mixer, I do that by hand). While I don’t *live* by coffee, it makes the morning so much nicer when I have a cup to walk around with. While I don’t have to find wood, light it and wait for it to heat up my oven, I do have a 1970s oven that is fickle in how well it runs. I have a dishwasher but I typically hand wash my dishes and then let the dishwasher do the final cleaning and drying. I love the drying part!

I am a product of my era. I love my modern conveniences. If you believe J.D. Robb’s books about Eve Dallas, you’ll agree with me that it’ll be interesting in the future. She talks of Auto-Chef’s and such that have food premade inside and you just tell it what you want. However, for now, I have what I have and really have no desire to go backwards. That’s one part of the 1950s aspect that I’ll gladly skip out on. Of course, finding a good source of fruits and vegetables that isn’t a supermarket or me attempting to grow a garden would be nice!

(long pause as I make my 2nd cup of coffee, kill the random spider behind my chair and ask the Nanny to clean it up for me – I *hate* spiders!)

Yesterday, when we got home from “Feeding the Fish,” we made a smoothie with our new blender, again. It was a great end to a day out and about, a little hot and a little cool. This time, we took some huckleberry ice cream, added some milk and ice and a banana. The boys loved it! I was also surprised with some flowers. As Caiden says, “It’s because you work so hard and we love you.” I think he was coached!

Meet the cast and taste-testing crew! We ended off our day reading an original child’s version of “The Wizard of Oz.” It was fun and, apparently, the entire family was enamored with my reading. (Don’t look at my hair! It’s been under a hat all day!)

I really have to get the day started. Have a great Saturday yourself!

Thank you for listening,


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