Good Morning

I have started taking requests for breakfast. Today will be “Eggs in a Train.” Pretty simply and healthy, so I’m going with it. I love how Caiden wakes up and runs to the kitchen to see what is for breakfast. Brendan (the 4-year-old) still lays in bed pitifully as long as he can. When he finally figures out that he needs to go to sleep when told, he’ll wake up just as bright and cheerful. Or, maybe not. Maybe he’s the boy that’ll have a hard time getting up for school for all his years. I’m assuming I can train it that out of him. Isn’t it interesting how two boys of the same parents can be so different?

Pictures of yesterday’s cold spaghetti are here:

The first picture is me finishing the cold spaghetti when we arrived at Big Springs. I didn’t add the cheese or Italian Dressing until we arrived so it wouldn’t be soggy. The second picture is the final product. Yum! Always a hit!

We went to see John Sak’s cabin before going to feed the fish. It was amazing to see the things people did on their own (long before all the modern conveniences). The two boys are mine, the two girls are the daughters of a friend of mine. She brought her family with us to “Feed the Fish.” And, the tall girl that’s not me is the Nanny. Here’s a few pictures…

We all had a great time walking there and back – looking at all the little things in this house. The man that built it (John Sak) was only 4’1″ and this house was built for him by him. The children loved it because everything was “their” size.” The first two pictures are of the water wheel he built to get power to his house for lights, etc. The third picture is the kitchen and trust me, the counter top really is that close to the floor. The fourth picture is the children lined up against the tiny door that goes to the basement under the house. The last picture is the house from the outside.

From there we went to play with the fish (well, primarily the seagulls). Was a lot of fun with tons of laughs.

The third picture is of me holding my baby after he slipped and fell into the river. That was a fun 5 seconds! The children had a great time playing together and I am very glad to have met my friend and her daughters! I look forward to more fun short trips this summer!

It’s 7:38 a.m. and I haven’t started breakfast. Only the Nanny is awake, so it’s not like they are yammering for food … much. Time to get started.

Monday starts with me adding housework into my cooking and cleaning. We’ll see how that goes! Does anyone remember the old adage of what a homemaker did all week? Like, Monday Washing, Tuesday Baking … ? Or something like that, anyway. Does anyone remember how it went?

Thank you for listening,


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