Miss me?

Hi! I was very busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to get on and update. Did some grocery shopping and actually went on a date last night. It was nice. Had two Coors Light bottles and the wedge salad at Outback with the Bloomin’ Onion. Wasn’t the greatest. I’ve been spoiled with my cooking, these past two weeks. It was fun, however!

So, yesterday morning, I made the German Pancakes again. By request of Caiden, my 5 year old. This is what it came out looking like:

I think I am getting better at them! Next time, I might actually drop the rack in the oven and see if it gets bigger.

Since I was out shopping, lunch was leftovers and I actually took the night off from cooking. However, while I was out, I got a blender. Right now, it’s on sale for $19 at Fred Meyers. It was recommended I try it, so I did. Cold drinks during the summer months without spending a lot of money and all that.

So, I brought it home and (with no recipe), threw 1 cup of milk, 6 ice cubes, 2 bananas, a dash of vanilla in it and fired it up. It was an instant hit! Jen (the nanny) went to the store and got some other stuff for us to try. The second time, we made one with 1 cup milk, 1 cup ice, 2 handfuls of blueberries, 5 medium strawberries and one banana. Obviously, the same dash of vanilla. My boys are in love with my new blender! They almost got sick taste testing everything. I’m quite sure I’ll be doing a lot of that this summer!

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I did take the night off and the boys and nanny were on their own for dinner. I left the old popcorn maker I had loaded and ready to go when I went on my date and they had popcorn when they got home from their Vacation Bible School. Here they are taking a picture for mommy to see when she got home.

I love those two! I got home and they were already asleep. I tucked them in, kissed them (most the time they sleep through that part) and went to bed and crashed out.

Thank you for listening,


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