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“When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.”
Psalm 128:2

I was out and about today. I went to a book store and was looking for some 1950s era cookbooks and other such things when the gal helping me mentioned that she could, “…never live in the 50s. Women couldn’t leave the home. They had to wear dresses all the time. All they did was cook. Now, I love to cook but all the time? Forget it. I don’t see how anyone ever survived the 50s! They had no rights, they couldn’t vote. It was awful!”

When I requested help in finding what I was looking for, I merely told her I was “working on a project” and needed the books. I didn’t tell her about this site or this new lifestyle of mine. I just giggled. Quietly and to myself, of course! If she only knew.

Yes, there were differences in how women were treated in the 1950s. I agree with that! However, what is the harm in merging the 1950s with the 21st century? Especially if some really good people grew out of the 50s? Ones with responsibility and knowledge of what was right and wrong? If kids grew up outdoors and were fit and healthy, not watching television (or playing electronics) all day every day? One of the things I saw in my own boys was the constant request to play electronics.

I got rid of my Xoom and my Barnes & Noble Nook. I gave them back to the one who bought them for me as a Christmas/etc present. My television has been relegated to the downstairs of my home. I haven’t hooked it up just yet, but I will. Mostly so the boys can watch an occasional movie. I decided my boys would not grow up with any of that as their means of entertainment. I am starting to purchase paper books, again. I want my boys to see me reading a book, not see me on electronics all the time. It’s now pushing two week and, except for asking to play my ex-husband’s X-Box (their daddy) once or twice, they have not touched any electronics and have only seen one movie. And, can you believe this? They stopped asking!

They are outside all the time – getting tan and fit. They are interacting with their mommy while she’s in the kitchen. They are reading BOOKS (my 5 year old loves my plane books from when I was in the Navy – and they are sophisticated books, not cartoonish) and having a great time! Of course, now and again, they get bored. Duh! All children do if you don’t have entertainment lined up to keep them active throughout the day. However, they aren’t getting fat and lazy playing electronics!

Since I’m bragging about my children, let me say this. They have never drawn on a wall or spilled paint on the floors or done anything that you hear moms (and dads) gripe about. They have a constant presence in their lives that helps direct their play – they don’t go unattended for more than about 5 minutes at a time at any point in their day. They read very well for 5 and 4 years old and they don’t eat lots of junk food and gain too much weight for their age. They are not perfect, but they are a damn site better than most other children I’ve met/heard about!

Disclaimer: Don’t be offended by my comments! Just take my pride in my boys for what it is. I’m quite sure you’re proud of your children for them.

To some curious: Yes, I have a nanny. I am a hundred-percent disabled Veteran and she is here to help with the boys because when my back goes out, I am completely useless to my boys. The last major upset was 8 months long. That’s 8 months of the boys not having mom up and around and helping them grow. It was awful for my boys and I am only just now seeing a change in my 5 year old. 3 years after that fiasco of being useless to them for 8 months. He is starting to trust that I will be there – always.

Anyway – I enjoyed my outing today, even if it means I have to get a spanking for getting sidetracked from my intended goals. I hope more people will grow to understand that some parts are good and some are bad from every era in America’s strong history.

Thank you for listening,


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