Dessert at Shari’s. Really!?

Today was productive but then not. I made the Huevos for breakfast (I don’t think that’s the right title but I’m going with it!) and then went shopping with Nan. It was supposed to be an hour: groceries for lunch/dinner and Honk’s Dollar for glasses. Well…. we ended up going to Honk’s and then to Hancock Fabrics and 2 different book stores. I’m still looking for “Holy Housewifery” by Ethel Marbach and I hadn’t checked the local “used” book stores. No dice. They didn’t have it. I did, however, get a couple books at both stores! I know. I know. Bad Naia! And, we were nearly an hour and a half late and did NOT get groceries for lunch. There’s rumors of getting spankings later for it. I told Nan that if I get spanked, she gets spanked. She was with me! She’s not happy…

For lunch, we had a lady friend and her two small girls over. I showed her how to make my dad’s New England Grinders and she says they were delicious. I’m glad! I love them, myself. I’ve included some pictures but, since it’s a family secret, I won’t post the recipe. Come to lunch with me to learn how!

So, for dinner, I made a new recipe for meatloaf. I found it in a book. It was amazing; however, the top glaze she told us to make tasted so great I am planning on using it on a ham!

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Everyone is stuffed from dinner but, can you believe it? They are all at Shari’s having pie! They said it was good, they said they were stuffed but they left to get PIE?! Obviously, I’ll need to feed them more… and more… and more…

I’ve been requested to make German Pancakes again tomorrow. So, now that it’s a new favorite, I’ll see that on my shopping list a lot … even though the ingredients are pretty easy and near always in my house.

Ok. Ok. I’m guilty, as well. The boys are at Vacation Bible School and I’m with everyone at Shari’s having pie. And, a little secret? I am bad! I left the dishes all over the counter to come here for coffee. I don’t *do* that anymore! *sigh* Does that mean two spankings? Maybe I can get Nan in trouble and she can get BOTH with me!

New habits, new lifestyles…. Getting there.

Thank you for listening,


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