My First Dinner Party

I call it a success! I made homemade chili and homemade peach crisp (kinda like peach cobbler). I also made my first “wedge salad” and I think it tasted pretty good. We had good table conversation – only lulled a time or two but quickly picked back up. Everyone loved the food and I had no leftovers!

If anyone would like the recipes, please speak up. I will start typing them all out. I even modified the peach crisp and used a mix of Splenda Sugar and Splenda Brown Sugar – and it was perfect!

Here are the pictures of my first dinner party:

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I didn’t get a chance to get pictures of making the chili or the pie. I do have pictures of prepping the wedge salad, though. Also, you’ll see I was sitting quietly waiting for my dinner guests after everything was all ready and waiting. I am actually knitting! Yes, I am using the loom knitting but I actually love it. I can do this and not feel the pain of my hands gripping tiny needles. I’m working on creating a flag blanket. Duh. We all know who I am – and my first quilt was a flag blanket. So, why not my first knitting as a flag blanket?

Tomorrow morning, an interesting breakfast. I’ll show pictures and let ya know how it goes!

Thank you for listening,


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