End of the Day…

“And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, has not forsaken them that seek thee.”

Psalm 9:10

Well, breakfast was a hit. The boys loved watching me make the “Eggs in a Train.” I’ve added pictures so y’all can see what I mean. It has many names; however, we have a train engine cookie cutter and so that’s what we used. We added nothing – it was straight eggs and bread on a skillet. Can’t get healthier than that, can we?

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Ok, so not all the pictures are perfect. I’m quite sure you get the point, though. Take a piece of bread, cut into it with a cookie cutter. Put bread on skillet. Crack egg into bread. Cook egg to desired consistency. Voila! An instant hit with the babies.

Lunch was a pre-made concoction (lasagna but with twirly noodles) I have had in the freezer for quite some time. It worked. Too many carbs for me, so I added a couple hot dogs. Not quite healthy but instant protein. Dinner was a salad (I think the boys are getting used to it!) and some BBQ’d pork chops (frozen from sale at Albertson’s). It was a little too spicy for the babies so they just ate their salad. Nothing too fancy, as yet. I’m working, for now, from what I’ve got on hand as much as possible – except for the salads. That’s fresh ingredients every time, if I can.

My boys started their Vacation Bible School at Shiloh 4 Square tonight. Nanny dropped them off and we all picked them up. It was amazing what they’ve done with the church! The boys, as always, talked non-stop all the way home. The baby decided he didn’t want to go back, though. I’m hoping to convince him to try it again.

I am getting up at 6:30 a.m., however, I am also still taking an hours’ nap in the afternoon. I can’t quite break that habit. With time, perhaps I can. I hardly see much wrong with it, though. The boys go down at the same time.

The scripture above talks of trust. Quite some time ago, I memorized a quote I found. It was, “Those who have never seen trust not betrayed find it very hard to live.” Or, the last word could have been “love.’ Either way, where I placed trust was not the right place – so of course, I consistently saw it betrayed.

Again, time for new beginnings, eh?

Thank you for listening,


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