I got up at 6:30 a.m.! Yay for me! It was a little rough because I was up until roughly 1:30 a.m. We are still gutting the house and getting rid of everything not necessity to try and get funds into the house. After this 2nd yard sale, we’ll have only the essentials.

I got an easy breakfast for the boys. Their “twig” cereal with yogurt instead of milk. One loved it, the other said he’d prefer milk. Lunch was on the nanny, I had an appointment to get to. I almost jumped her for leaving a mess in the kitchen and then I remembered, that’s my job, now. Yay me, again!

Dinner was Chicken Kabobs and salad (with Imitation Krab Meat at boy #1’s request). For desert, blueberries and watermelon with Cool Whip. We are all stuffed, even though the Chicken Kabobs didn’t turn out so great. They were prepackaged and frozen, so I understand.

I got my 1956  copy of Good Housekeeping Guide to Successful Homemaking. I am going with one printed in the 50s deliberately and this is actually printed then – even smells like it. It has a lot of great information! I’m already eager to sit and look through it. It’ll have to keep until after the yard sale.

I am not to the point of planning meals, yet. However, I am starting to think ahead one day… slowly. It’s coming. Just takes reconditioning on 40 years of a different way of doing it.

Thank you for listening,


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